Washington Monument Repair

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Washington Monument Repair
Washington Monument Repair, Washington (CNN) -- It may look like an action movie being shot on the National Mall Tuesday, but in fact it will be architect/engineers at work, rappelling down the sides of the Washington Monument, looking for damage caused by the August earthquake.

Boeing 787 celebration starts with hand delivery
Boeing 787 celebration starts with hand delivery, Boeing Co workers hand-delivered -- literally -- the company's first 787 Dreamliner in the pouring rain on Monday to All Nippon Airways, capping nearly a decade of development of the world's most advanced jetliner.

Crocodile turns himself orange

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Crocodile turns himself orange
Crocodile turns himself orange, A crocodile at a wildlife park in Australia has turned himself orange after attacking a water filter in the pool in his enclosure.

Selena Gomez takes a break from Bieber with a family trip to the Los Angeles Zoo, Selena Gomez seemed perfectly content to spare a Saturday apart from Justin Bieber as she enjoyed a relaxing trip to the Los Angeles Zoo with her family.

Rare crocodile found in Florida

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Rare crocodile found in Florida
 Rare crocodile found in Florida, A rare crocodile was spotted in St. Petersburg over the weekend, stunning residents of a gated community.

Texas ends last meals

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Texas ends last meals
Texas ends last meals, Texas inmates who are set to be executed will no longer get their choice of last meals, a change prison officials made Thursday after a prominent state senator became miffed over an expansive request from a man condemned for a notorious dragging death.

Teresa Giudice $9 million

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Teresa Giudice $9 million
Teresa Giudice $9 million, A "Real Housewife of New Jersey" with money troubles is looking to drop the "house" part of her TV title.Teresa Giudice, who recently filed for bankruptcy with her husband, citing nearly $9 million of debt, is looking to unload the 10,000-square-foot house in Towaco, N.J., for $4 million.

US Hikers Released from Iran Prison, Two American hikers held in an Iranian prison for over two years were set free today, ending a standoff among President Ahmadinejad and the Iranian judiciary over their release.

Russian Billionaire Punch

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Russian Billionaire Punch, Russian billionaire and British newspaper proprietor Alexander Lebedev hurled punches at a fellow Russian businessman during a television talk show, sending the property developer flying across the studio.

How the Emmy award got its name

Why do they call the Emmy Award “Emmy”?
“It’s a feminization of ‘Immy,’ which is short for the image orthicon tube,” explains John Leverence, senior vice president of awards for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The image orthicon, which revolutionized TV, was originally built to guide flying explosive weapons in World War II. “The objective was the guided torpedo, but it ended up being used in television,” said RCA engineer Paul Wymer. The 4,000 “Emmys,” as engineers fondly called the devices, didn’t win the war, because the weapons they were used in weren’t quite reliable, but the orthicon later made TV feasible. It was called “the atomic bomb of television.”
After Syd Cassyd founded the Academy in 1946, he wanted to call its TV award the Ike, short for iconoscope tube (the image orthicon’s predecessor gizmo). Inconveniently, war hero and president-to-be Dwight Eisenhower was nicknamed Ike. So engineering exec Henry Lubcke, the third Academy president, changed the statue’s sex, and the Immy became the Emmy.

 German confectionery company Lambertz held in Cologne, the annual fashion show Lambertz Monday Night Schoko & Fashion party.

In a chocolate presentation was attended by girls from the group No Angels, a dancer of the Paris cabaret Crazy Horse, German actress Sophia Tomalla (Sophia Tomalla), model Sarah Nuru (Sara Nuru), Rosanna Davison (Rosanna Davison), Gina Lisa Lofink (Gina Liza Lohfink), Lena Gerke (Lena Gercke).

Among the VIP-guests Lambertz fashion show was seen Dita Von Teese (Dita Von Teese). As a DJ event was the son of French President Sarkozy, Pierre (Pierre Sarkozy).

 Combine the ground and space.
It turns out very interesting, mysterious and enigmatic.

 You will not believe your eyes? That's right! Los climbed up a tree!

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