Friends, we continue to take stock of the year. This time the offer is to remember the most absurd stories that happened to real people all over the world. As they say, purposely did not come up with!

The trial of the year

Selection of the dress on New Year's party - it tricky. However, the main night of the year passes, and then coming up holiday weekend when many families go to the guests themselves, or invite friends or relatives. Of course, it's best to spend all 10 days in pajamas or robe, however, meet guest demands decorum. It is this time - the best for New Year's sweater. Yes, the latest trend of this season were knitted sweaters, dresses, jackets, etc. with reindeer, snowflakes and other "Nordic" motives.

With a light hand the author of "Bridget Jones" remembered everything and learned these sweaters, vyvyazannye with love grandmothers. And now only those sweaters finally made ​​it to all the shops of the world, and only the lazy designer has not exhibited his collection of Christmas sweaters.

The Philippine island of Bohol in the hills are quite unusual geographic features.
In one season they are covered greenery, in another - green leaves, and are replaced by brown shades.
At this point, the hills are like a huge chocolate candy.

Demolition of a large building in China - quite an impressive sight.
By the way, is this not the cause of yesterday's earthquake in the Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk ... You never know ..

After the death of tyres come in Perm .
In Perm, opened two new art object Kazakh artist Moldakula Narymbetova. Work on the sculptures, "Scarab" and "Black Angel" took 50 days. To create an object has been used over thousands of old tires and more than three thousand screws.

Perhaps the most famous and oldest tree in combination in France is an oak-Chapel (Fr. ChĂȘne d'Allouville), which grows in the countryside Aluvil-Belefos (Seine-Maritime department).

When did you do for your girlfriend something nice?
Agree that on the eve of new year everyone wants a miracle, especially girls;) If you have no idea how to make a very cute and heartwarming gift, I will prompt!

Museum of stealing the name of Yuri Detochkina, the hero of the film "Beware of the Car" - claimed as the first and only museum in Russia, which is unparalleled.

Winter holidays are just around the corner, and cut out paper snowflakes - one of the most simple, fast and cheap jewelry at home and office. The search for unusual and original designs have led to a paper snowflakes in the style of the cult movie "Star Wars".


Boba Fett

There are two types of alcoholic gifts - what to drink, and something that helps people to drink alcohol. Wine consumption in the "noble purpose" requires a number of conditions and subjects. Corkscrews, glassware, wine racks and cabinets, holders for bottles, snacks and special te te, te, and PE. Typically, this is a useful thing, but it happens and inlay decoration. In association with the decorative and useful ideas are the best gifts for New Year to those who are, apparently, is no surprise.

Whiskered corkscrew

D'Artagnan turn in any of, say, a mere mortal, but shmurdyak - in burgundy wine at a dashing mustachioed party will fancy corkscrew by "Fred Frendz End," which costs 15 dollars and is made of durable materials.

Ukrainian master Joseph Epstein (author of the project), Alexander horse (sculptor), Svyatoslav Koshtelyanchuk (jewelry artist) and Vladimir Rusinov (wood carving) have chess to capture the imagination. The prototypes for the figures were the characters from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", but not limited to only a master and a chess table, figures, and partly to recreate the world through the mirror.

 Gadgets and trinkets that will not leave any lover of wine untouched.

Clay City

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In the city of Tangshan (Tangshan) Hebei Province (Hebei) has recently emerged sight - clay sculpture park. The park is unique. Unique because it has no analogues in the world, performed on a scale of such material, in addition of several thousand sculptures.

This is a great 3D-illusion of a German master of street art by Edgar Mueller. Called the "mysterious caves."
Looks very realistic.

 Japanese wasabi, Indian curry, Italian olive oil - a palette of flavors of chocolate Vosges haut-chocolate is very rich and varied:

 Some people, even in old age does not stop having fun and anneal:
Well done!

 "Antigravity" Yoga uses special hammocks that help participants develop greater flexibility, according to information provided on the website of the club.Happy viewing....

 Waterfront project in St. Petersburg
Selected among three finalists for the international design to build a pier in St. Petersburg (Florida), the waterfront project, submitted by the Danish architecture and design studio BIG architects, consists of three parts. Tributary park offers canoe rental, picnic area and Botanical Gardens, Wave walk - marina and swimming pool. And The wave - a sculptural building in the form of a ring in which there are commercial businesses, restaurants, bars and theaters.

Christmas tree from plastic bottles from Jolanta Smidtiene.
40 000 plastic bottles out of the drink Sprite, needed to make a Christmas tree in the center of Kaunas, Lithuania.

The project's author Yolanda Shmidtiene (Jolanta Smidtiene) says that she wanted to show how important it is to make diversity in each year. Any of us can make something beautiful out of useless things. The main idea is to save trees and nature.

 Belchite - a ghost town that was destroyed in the civil war in Spain. In this
as he is already since 1937.

Photo exhibition "Gibson Through the Lens", which opened in London, is a kind of product catalog company Gibson. All the guitarists whose photos can be found in this exhibition are united by one thing: the guitar. This is certainly Gibson. Dion DiMuchchi, composer, said: "Nothing could compare with Gibson. It was chic. Glitter. "

This collection - six-string catalog of masterpieces, which are in the hands of the craftsmen can turn into a terrible weapon. With them as with a banner, you can lead people. And you can caress them as the love of life.

23-year-old ex junkie adrenaldinovy ​​Kemeter Mitch decided to get another dose in Yosemite National Park in California.

Craving Chinese, copy the entire European knows no bounds.
Now they got to the cities.
In heaven, built several copies of the cities.
For example, the Austrian town of Hallstatt, a monument, a British Dorchester
German town of Anting copied in detail from the monuments of Goethe and Schiller to the twisted grating and window frames.

1. Shortest Street in the World , Ebenezer Place – Scotland

Ebenezer Place, in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, is credited by the Guinness Book of Records as being the world's shortest street at 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in). In 2006 it surpassed the previous record (5.2 m, 17 ft) set by Elgin Street, Bacup, Lancashire. The street has only one address: the front door of No. 1 Bistro, which is part of Mackays Hotel.Happy viewing....

Metal sculptures - by Tom Samui
Before you start to create sculptures, Samui Tom (Tom Samui) is sent to landfill. Their creations from the artist collects parts from cars and motorcycles. After welding, the elements of sculpture Tom polishes and processes them anti-corrosive paint. The entire process can take up to 400 hours.

 every scene is just unbelieveable.....

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