Friends, we continue to take stock of the year. This time the offer is to remember the most absurd stories that happened to real people all over the world. As they say, purposely did not come up with!

The trial of the year

Frenchman Jean-Louis '21 stoically defended against sexual assault of his wife, but he could not do anything with the verdict of a judge. The trial between the unsatisfied wife of a husband and draft dodgers ended in a fiasco of the last nice. For failure to the conjugal duty judge ordered Jean-Louis compensate his wife a sum of money in the amount of 8500 euros. The funny thing is that odd couple does not even going to get divorced. Twenty-one years without sex, fine, but they though henna. That's what true love!

business of the Year

British housewives from Kent invented an unusual source of income. Four friends have opened an agency that deals with adoption of pickled onions. To adopt an onion, you must choose your favorite from the catalog on the site, then complete the appropriate form on the purchase page. Founder of the agency notes that adopted a bow can be a wonderful gift for friends and relatives. Adopting a bow costs about eight euros.

party of the year

In the autumn of this year in the U.S. have been hospitalized three seniors, two women 70 years and a man 82 years after marijuana brownie overeat at the funeral of his friend. According to the local police, chocolate brownies with marijuana were filed in the memory of the deceased, who ate a bakery, a man suffering from cancer, and he was allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes.

illegal year

In early December, the authorities of Pakistan's Punjab province, was arrested and sent under arrest monkey, passed in Pakistan from India. As reported, the animal itself without knowing it, passed through a strongly guarded the Indo-Pakistani border, being in the Pakistani district Bhavalpur. However, the "intruder" was seen vigilant local residents who tried to catch a monkey, but failed, after which they went to the police, saying that there were witnesses to violations of the border. Police were quicker and was able to catch the animal. The monkey was brought to the city zoo Bhavalpur. Perpetrator was male, zoo attendants gave him the nickname Bobby.

photo of the year

Very popular among Internet users in the past year used the news of the Austrians Nico Alma, who received a driver's license with a photograph in which he captured with spaghetti colander on his head. He got the right pose in this form, proving to the local authorities, which he professes pastafarianstvo - the worship of Flying pasta monster.

delicacy, the

In late September, in the tapes of news was reported about 80 years eater metal from Serbia Branko Tsrnogoratse that the dispute decided to eat my bike for three days, but did not calculate the strength and choked pedal. Pedal hit the man in the throat, and he was hospitalized. During the operation doctors discovered his digestive system of about two pounds of metal objects, including two gold rings. After surgery Tsrnogorats said that ties with the experiments on metal-eating and goes to the usual for most people eat.

A Love Story Year

In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, appeared before the court the 42-year-old woman who for years made ​​65,000 phone calls to his former lover. It was reported that the average woman has done for 178 calls a day. At the preliminary hearing in this case the judge decided to let go of the woman on bail. True, under the condition that she leave the man alone, the victim of such an abundant display of its senses. But after a couple of hours after release from prison, she again called her lover.

persistence, the

Nezakonnoposlushnye citizens in different countries do not get tired to look for subtle ways to commit crimes. In the Italian city of Palermo, a thief through the night of four-sawed wood, to which was fastened a bike to steal it. Offenders could cut down a tree so that it fell to the pavement, without damaging the parked cars. The fact the offender was caught or not is not reported.

Saving the year

Employees Fire Swedish city of Gothenburg have saved a drunken elk, which was stuck in a tree. According to local residents, elk overeaten overripe apples, which you can freely enjoy the streets of the city. After tasting fermented apples, moose wander in search of additions to the ground or on branches of trees. However, in this case, the apples were too high, moose reached for them and got stuck.

robbery of the year

In October 2011 police in Murmansk with an unusual statement asked a local resident. A professional gamer said that he was kidnapped Orc - pumped kiberpersonazha of the online game Lineage 2. As a result of the investigative and search actions proved that the unique character upgrades (magic armor, fairy-tale charm, wonderful sword that cost five thousand rubles), kidnapped 20-year-old resident of the city of Volgodonsk. Law enforcement in cyber-criminal has been removed all the equipment, he faces a real deprivation of liberty under Article Illegal access to computer information.

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