Korean sculptor Yong Ho Ji (Yong Ho Ji) learned quite unconventional for a sculpture material.

Yong Ho Ji (Yong Ho Ji) was born in 1978. In 2005 he graduated from Seoul University majoring in sculpture and in 2008 - New York University Fine Arts. Art objects sculptor produces one of the tires. Up surgeon, on the prepared skeleton Yong Ho Ji attaches parts. The task of the sculptor is not just a dress frame, and give as detailed as possible all the anatomical details of each individual animal. The process of creating a sculpture takes up to three months.

Space Shuttle just packed with electronics - two and a half million units and five hundred miles of wires. Three engine power greater than Shuttle by twelve hydroelectric plants. What other interesting facts hides the space shuttle?


Dubai is a city of my dreams, in which you want to return again and again .. One day I happened to fly by helicopter over Dubai and, so to speak, to assess the extent of development of this wonderful and magnificent emirate.

Stars also need solitude and tranquility, a place
where you can relax on the flash of cameras, enjoying the silence.
Well, where to relax with a multimillion-dollar fees to celebrities?
Of course, on its own island:)

 Johnny Depp

Moses bridge

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 The bridge was built in the XVII century Dutch fort Fort De Roovere.
Association of Dutch Architects awarded the project title of the best buildings of 2011...

 Craziest pop star makeovers

 This house is located in Tokyo. It was built by architect Kota Mizuishi on a small plot of land
triangular shape. On the upper floor there is lounge, kitchen and a small guest room.
In the attic - a children's room. The ground floor has a bedroom and bathroom.
Cottage is approximately 200 thousand dollars.

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