Dubai is a city of my dreams, in which you want to return again and again .. One day I happened to fly by helicopter over Dubai and, so to speak, to assess the extent of development of this wonderful and magnificent emirate.

1.Arriving at the area of ​​aero club, we met with his guidance, enabled us to sign papers that we accept the terms of aero club and had a short briefing. As usual: do not ask me to direct the pilot to give you a spinner, not sit in a helicopter while drunk, his hands under the screw is not sui did not offer a drink and a pilot t.d.Stoit noted that the flying club personnel served Russian-almost all work is immigrants from Russia, Ukraine and the Zakavkazya.Posle coaching a girl named Anush led us to the helicopter, where we waited for the pilot, Andrew Masterson
2. Briefly tell about the crew: besides me and the pilot sat in the parlor with the sheikh of one of his wives and a couple in love (a little ahead, I will say that during the flight the guy made ​​a girl a proposal touching sight) We started with platform near the hotel "Atlantis" and second on the steepness of the Dubai otelyaCherez minute we flew the highest and most luxurious hotel in the world-Burj al Arab. All heard about the high cost of living and level of service of this hotel, when there was resting himself, Sergei share .. The interiors of the hotel just a space!
3. Actually, I was lucky that I took the front seat beside the pilot, because the people behind me was obviously uncomfortable, and there was no such angle, which was with me. It's simple: put on the front seat who weighs less than all members. So eat less, run a lot and a lot of walk in the fresh air =)
4. This palm-island-artificially constructed for private purposes. At each "branch" are already townhouses, their value even know I'm afraid. The tip of the island of palm crowns notorious hotel "Atlantis" I blew up nearby
5. At this point, the guy behind the girl makes a proposal, and I would be happy to capture the moment, if not harsh UAE laws: photos taken by tourists on their traditions draw the soul from the locals, and if I were the wife of Sheikh sfotkat, more oskrbleniya I have not paid her .. I missed a little time, when we began to fly to another island archipelago of artificial "world". Actually, the name of all is clear: these artificial islands repeat map of the world. But at that time only a few islands were built, which is the island were still intact. By the way, if you take the continent of Eurasia, there is such islands as "Orenburg", "St. Petersburg", "Moscow." Mikhail Prokhorov, is rumored to have desired to purchase an island "Moscow"
6. The only built-up island, which is located on one of the states in the U.S.. As I found out later, this island belongs to Michael Schumacher, who received a gift from an island in the Sheikh, who currently directs the emirate of Dubai. When I found the whole background of this event is not just with laughter died. It turns out that when Michael Schumacher announced officially that he was leaving Formula 1, the sheikh (the fan) in gratitude gave him the island, for his merits, so to speak. But after 2 years, Michael said that he was returning to Formula 1, but the island he did
7. Pilot forbidden to shoot close-up of the villa Schumacher, but he apparently did not understand what is in my hands was a tele, not Shirikov, and did not tell me
8. On this island we leave the archipelago "World" and fly straight into the heart of downtown
9. But before that, take off another island! Here it is rumored, will live Pamela Anderson. I have such neighbors! If Michael and Pamela make friends, you can come to the shore for one another. Here it is, dolce vita. By the way, it is clear that Pamela had ordered to establish a fountain ..
10. This Dubai-Manhattan, a street of skyscrapers, the dominant hub of Dubai .. so call it what you want :-) The important thing: on the street are almost all Dubai skyscrapers. Most buildings are under construction. That's where the real paradise for rufera! Protection as such, no, no fences, all in all do not care, but we can not forget about the severity of the laws ..

13. The buildings embody the wildest imagination and ideas of architects: I liked many of the skyscrapers .. Take, for instance Vendetta Business Center (far left) and "Infra green tower" (center)
14. The extreme left-most skyscraper first skyscraper built in the Dubai International Trade Centre. So you can easily find in this picture "Batman House", "Big Ben" and the like Moscow Tower "Moscow"
15. port Rashid
16. Closer to the Bay Creek, which divides Dubai into 2 parts: Deira and Bur Dubai

18. For a moment I felt in Venice. Dubai has a very well-developed sea and river communication
19. In the distance you can see the Dubai International Airport. By the way, how many mosques to count on this photo?
20. The bay also has a plug :-) To the right are located Rolex Towers
21. All the greenery in Dubai-artificial: the plants is very difficult to grow in the desert with an average temperature of 40 degrees
22. Sometimes the glass is strongly blikovalo :-( Photo: Dubai National Park, part of which is given by golf clubs. In fact, it is the same necessity is the mother club in Mosfilmovskaya street, only prettier and more time in 5 commercials
23. This report would not be a record, if I had not captured the tallest building in the world-Burj Khalifa height of 818 meters! During the construction period very few outsiders have visited the very top, but in the steeple itself was Tom Cruise! He, by the way, wants to purchase an apartment at 145 etazhe.S this view is seen as yet not developed in Dubai much wasteland allotted for roads and buildings. The most interesting projects will come!
24. The triangular building in the middle-headquartered mobile cellular operator "du" in front!
25. About 70% of the skyscrapers under construction
26. After this photo I took the liberty minute break from ecstasy was breathtaking, and the camera is a bit slow down
27. With the weather I was not very lucky: there was a sandstorm, and the flight was at 12 o'clock, just when the sun was at its zenith. But the sensations it did not affect :-) So the time came to return to the base ..
28. This image is a computer game fans will appreciate the "Prince of Persia" - a stylized antique Arabic rayonchik, Madinat Jumeira Hotel It is located next to "sail", and I wandered there in search for my suvenirchikov druzyashek and not very druzyashek
29. I approached the Palm Island and the hotel "Atlantis" .. I wonder what people live on the palm branches? I was particularly interested in the fact, whether the water does not stagnate between the branches?
30. At fishaychik still took off a couple of shots
31. The roof of Atlantis (by the way the hotel was named so because it looks like the gates of the sunken city of Atlantis, ... symbolism?) Is crowned with figures of various shellfish and fish, and a central number (president suite) costs $ 2,500 per day
32. On arrival we were greeted by staff Aeroclub. I said goodbye to the pilot, returned to a life vest, picked up his things and went to study Dubai Metro

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