How to properly troll passersby
I wonder how many accidents are staged on the bridge?

Travel - the best way to overcome this creative stupor.Ob say well-known and successful designers and artists worldwide. Moving around the world, you begin to feel alive and full of energy and returning to work - the head of seething thoughts and ideas. New places, and by the very nature of the masterpieces of beauty and inspiration to help escape from the daily professional routine. Enough to take a week or two vacation and just ride, watch and slushat.A if you can not travel in person, you can take a virtual tour of the most beautiful places on our planet. Traditionally, tourists choose to visit most places raspiarennye. A lesser-known or hard natural and architectural attractions visited by only one. Although some of them are definitely worth a visit at least once in their lives.

Cave Devetashkata, Bulgaria

The car from the movie "Back to the Future"
One man, watch a movie "Back to the Future," fell in love with the car
which sends characters across time and space.

He set out to realize his dream to get such a machine.
Since childhood, he began to collect money, and a teenager, he bought a DeLorean DMC-12.
Years later, the guy made ​​him the embodiment of his childhood dreams.
Nice work.


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Brazilian designer Gustavo Brenck, designed a scooter, transforming into a neat pack of small size and weight, which will always have it with you. Now the author is looking for a manufacturer that will take up this issue of the original vehicle.

Frenchwoman Susie Lelivr works in an unusual genre, creating a paradoxical objects in the most diverse subjects. A distinctive feature of her work is to make ordinary things paradoxically an unusual shape. For everyday use, it works no good, but has successfully exhibited throughout the world on the art exhibitions of contemporary art. Creative and useless, as it often happens today in the tradition of "art for art's sake." Dragged to his collection of oddities, so very unusual work.

 Serious martial arts toys

We went here with my husband over the weekend on a sweet exhibition called "Chocolate and Cocoa," which settled at the Museum of Contemporary History at Tverskaya, 21. The exhibition, though small, but very nice, though pricey entrance (400rubley). True, it includes a few samples of cocoa and chocolate tasting and a sweet gift. You can take pictures freely. The exhibition tells the history of chocolate and cocoa. It can find a variety of vintage packaging, read, and where it was "invented" cocoa, look at the work chocolatier, who is straight with you "bake" small chocolates)) And after the show can go to the next shop and buy a real chocolate. By the way, chocolate, though not cheap, but really smart and real in contrast to the garbage that is sold in grocery stores.

This Bootmobile was created for promotions, the famous American firm on tailoring footwear. If we translate its size to the size of feet, you get 747!

Japanese design studio Atelier Tekuto submitted a draft Cell Brick. Completed in 2004, this four-story house of 85 sq.m. Located in Tokyo, Japan.

 Posh tortische

Creativity of the usual things - this is a sample box thinking and the ability to see beauty in everyday objects. Such as sandwiches. Those who are bored every day to eat the same standard sandwiches can dream up on not only the fillings for sandwiches, but also their shape. Drawn from the traditional set - sausage, cheese, bread - and you can multpersonazha, and a computer device.

Tao Porchon-Lynch - an amazing woman, aged 92h years. During all her life remains young in body and soul. According to her, even now she did not give her real age. Her good health is grateful to Yoga
which has been doing for 70 years, including 45 years teaching yoga to students in India, France and the United States. In addition to the 87 years she was fascinated by ballroom tantsami.Molodets!

Many brought gifts of travel and photograph the sights of those places that have visited. But photographer Michael Hughes brings photos, which are the most attractions closed depicting their souvenirs and postcards. Not so long ago he even systematized all their "phototrophs," and published a book under the heading of a simple "Souvenirs".

The owner of a collection of antiques from the "Titanic" has decided to put their costly treasures up for auction. Total collections in 5500 were more items: china, ship fittings debris, money, gold and much more. All these items are estimated previously at 190 million U.S. dollars.

The Chinese have shown they developed new product - a laptop computer, consisting of a folding keyboard with built-in processor mikromonitora and mouse. Serial production of ultra-compact machine is planned for the near future.

People who hate people

What celebrities have attracted their fans? Talent, beauty, sense of style, charity, chic outfits ...

However, the fact that for stars like some terribly annoying others. Here is a list of celebrities who are in America, "made" to hate.

This unusual trend is becoming quite popular among Japanese girls.
I wonder why.

While the authors do not sign papers to avoid bias and bias opinions! Let's take each snowman as self-sufficient work of art, apart from the personality of the creator. However, all visitors can try to guess where someone.
Let's go!

number 1
Literary, culinary and theater-bags_bunny, remember, has expressed doubts as to that of the conventional food can be tasty and healthy sculpt a snowman. Fortunately, the participants of the exhibition is completely refuted this view.
Take a look: for the production of the snow fields of Russian citizen you need a dietary egg, 1 / 5 breast sausage, 3 sprigs of dill medium-sized (to handle - thinner, to whisk - povolosatee), 2 peas of black pepper and a little carrot (better to take a fresh, rather than last year).
The finished snegovichke contains only 100-120 calories and over 25% of the daily requirement of carotene

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