We went here with my husband over the weekend on a sweet exhibition called "Chocolate and Cocoa," which settled at the Museum of Contemporary History at Tverskaya, 21. The exhibition, though small, but very nice, though pricey entrance (400rubley). True, it includes a few samples of cocoa and chocolate tasting and a sweet gift. You can take pictures freely. The exhibition tells the history of chocolate and cocoa. It can find a variety of vintage packaging, read, and where it was "invented" cocoa, look at the work chocolatier, who is straight with you "bake" small chocolates)) And after the show can go to the next shop and buy a real chocolate. By the way, chocolate, though not cheap, but really smart and real in contrast to the garbage that is sold in grocery stores.

Luxury cocoa with hot pepper bring to the table of the leader of the Maya of Montezuma. In Montezuma had 200 wives, and thanks to a miraculous properties of the cocoa he had time for night to please them all. Who walked with us visitor on the calculator calculates a mobile phone that each wife Montezuma night spent about 216 seconds (just over 3 minutes).
Magic drink recipe: 700g cocoa 750g white sugar 56g cinnamon, cloves 14g, 14g pepper, 3 vanilla pod

Pestle for beating cocoa, tk are cocoa should be well stirred and upholstered

In France, it was fashionable to start the morning with a cup of hot chocolate.
Recipe of the Encyclopedia of Diderot and d'Alembert: 4 tablespoons of chocolate, 2 tablespoons powdered sugar, 3 schipotki cinnamon, egg.
Drinking 500g of this drink, a French philosopher, he said he could run for 5 days without rest. Posters famous chocolate brands

Sweet exhibits

and not only ..

Candy, "Emperor"
Chocolate sets, "The Romanovs"
Interesting facts:
The company "Mars" was founded by Frank Mars in 1911, and in 1923 came the first bar Milky Way, after seven years - Snickers, nine M & M's

Ceramic weights are used to save the metal in the USSR in 30 years-40E

And then you can watch the chocolatiers like right before your eyes is preparing chocolate

The rule of "2C": Champagne and chocolate - the most unfortunate combination.
The rule of "4C": cigar, coffee, chocolate, cognac - the most successful combination.

The Magic Christmas Tree

In the shop you can buy chocolate and cookies or sit down for a cup of tea)

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