England is famous for its beautiful villages, which are very popular among tourists and the city who come here to escape from the city and enjoy the fresh air. And if you, like many others, wish to visit the English countryside, here are 10 of the best places to visit:

Lithuanian needlewoman embroidery cross. There is nothing surprising in it would not have happened if she had embroidered on the fabric.

In the Stockholm Arlanda Airport is an unusual hotel, arranged on board the decommissioned 747. The hotel has 25 rooms, the most prestigious of which is located in the cockpit. The creators of the hotel kept many details of the interior of the aircraft, even the oxygen masks.

Lamborghini Aventador for 400 units of dollars burned to the ground for a test drive. In Southern California (USA) on Highway 73 caught fire suddenly a brand new, straight from the tin Lamborghini Aventador for 400 thousand dollars. The incident occurred during a test-drive supercar.

In some countries in Europe and North America is the custom in the morning to hide Easter eggs. Children waking up to rush immediately to search the entire house. The kids also arrange "pokatushki" - who egg on drove off. In Russia and Serbia, Easter eggs, "Christ" - breaking the sequence of different parts, as well as people christ three times on the cheek.

Eggs, painted in a favorite cartoon characters and computer games, triple kiss, of course, fun.

Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet, Ruslan and Lyudmila ... Literature is littered with stories of love, each of which is - unique. But the most extraordinary things happen, usually in real life. Confirmation of this - non-traditional lava-story, which will be discussed further! Their members - girls experiencing vibrant feelings to inanimate objects, and hoping for reciprocity from the Statue of Liberty, the model of Greek god Adonis, the Eiffel Tower and even the Berlin Wall!

Bones, skulls, tattoos - the attributes of this rocker.
Even the usual ornaments such as rings and bracelets, can not do without the black and dark subjects.
I would not become a bear, but I'm not a rocker at all :)

Last Sunday, Catholics around the world celebrated the Passover, which was preceded by Easter Week - a time when Jesus returned to Jerusalem, was crucified and resurrected. Families attended church services on the streets of cities were religious processions, and in Belgium hosted an event for the collection of Easter eggs, aiming to break the world record. Orthodox Palm Sunday said. This photo essay presents pictures from the Easter week worldwide.

Volker Kraft decorates a tree 10 thousands of Easter eggs in your garden in Saalfeld, Germany, March 21, 2012. The tradition of decorating a tree for Easter is observed in the Kraft family for over 40 years.

In Ukraine, was discovered a very interesting exercise room,
which is completely free to maintain the shape of your body, and even outdoors.
He looks much more comfortable than the "hard gym" in the basement.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin did not want to open its doors to the tabloids
and let the pesky journalists in his family nest.
But they do not have to deny a serious interior correspondents.
That's how these pictures and made ​​public.
What can I add?
Awesome live;

Palace Bottle

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Eight thousand bottles of champagne and 20 years of his life took Zaporozhets Vladimir Syse,
to build a two-story palace on his summer cottage.

Ski jump with no snow

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