Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet, Ruslan and Lyudmila ... Literature is littered with stories of love, each of which is - unique. But the most extraordinary things happen, usually in real life. Confirmation of this - non-traditional lava-story, which will be discussed further! Their members - girls experiencing vibrant feelings to inanimate objects, and hoping for reciprocity from the Statue of Liberty, the model of Greek god Adonis, the Eiffel Tower and even the Berlin Wall!

One of the girls, whose heart was struck by Cupid's arrow, - Amanda Whittaker, 27-year-old saleswoman from Leeds. She is in love with the Statue of Liberty, which is affectionately called «Libby», and her dreams of becoming a lawful wife. This is a hobby - not the first "strange" love Amanda, in her youth she was crazy about the drum set, but after she saw photos of the Statue of Liberty on the Internet, I realized that it was her fate!

Beloved 40-year-old Englishwoman Reighner Deleighnie - not a man, but a real God! Confused is that the object of her love was the statue of the Greek god Adonis. Statue of 3 feet tall, it acquired for $ 620 and hoisted back home. A pair of inseparable for half the year, Reiner called his marble "friend" Hans, spends time with him reading books and watching TV. However, the woman in no hurry to tie the knot Hymen, as fears that he could not remain faithful to elect!
But the intentions of 37-year-old Erika La Tour Eiffel were quite serious, as evidenced by its name. A woman married the Eiffel Tower, solemnly vowing to love, honor and obey.

Another married a young lady - Wall Winther - became his legal wife of the Wall, as sure that people with this gay have to arrange their personal life! After all, they perceive such inanimate objects as living beings, which also require tenderness, care and affection!

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