Not only the world-famous athletes with excellent health as being prepared to demonstrate their own abilities during the London Olympics in 2012. Paralympians are going to put in as much effort, if not more, trying to become the best in their sports. A series of photos that we offer today, captured a Spanish swimmer Xavi Torres and Lauren Homar during training.

Here in this form will accompany the buses in Kharkiv football teams of traffic police officers on motorcycles. I do not know what the designer wanted to convey pathos, but it looks stupid. And motorcyclists in her hot.
Plus, the final bonus on the subject.

 The beauty of traveling alone is planned that the route, time stops and traveling companions you pick and choose. And if everything is organized and creative with the idea that the voyage must go down in history. How, for example ...

Tsyandyaohu Lake is located 150 kilometers from Hangzhou City.
On the lake are more than 400 large and small picturesque islands.

In 1960 at the height of the "cold war" the rapid development of U.S. nuclear submarine fleet required new methods for missile guidance. In this regard, the military leadership shipbuilders was offered a unique concept for acoustic research, after which the U.S. will receive the latest methods of missile guidance. Soon after the project was implemented by the Institute of Naval Research and Marine Physical Laboratory at the Institute of Oceanography Scripps.

Photojournalist Ambroise Tezenas the past few years traveling to places disfigured by wars, natural disasters and catastrophes. When these places leave the military, rescue workers and doctors ... come back tourists.

Black Tourism is becoming more and more popular. In fact, this fashion trend - a new form of expression of human nature. Professor John Lennon of the University of Glasgow, author of the term "black tourism", explained: "This is based on our admiration for a person's ability to do evil and delight in death. The same people forced to watch executions and bloody battles. And, of course, mass visits to the places where once there was organized genocide, does not prevent the chances that such a phenomenon as genocide does not happen again. "

Author photo project "Black Tourism" Ambroise Tezenas, inspired by the works of Lennon to create the project, talks about his work: "People love to be photographed against the background of the places where hundreds of people died. Interestingly, one would say for yourself killed. I just traveled to these places and filmed people as they arrived there. I tried to do so, to open the true face of this new kind of tourism. Nowadays, when we are surrounded by a virtual death on their TV screens and computers, real death is very far from us. "

Baku hosted the first semifinal of the musical contest "Eurovision-2012", "Buranovskie grandmother" to be expected among the ten winners. Now they will perform at the final concert on May 26.

Adam Ivey in Cyprus with the song «La La Love».

In the evening you meet a girl who woke up one morning - and next to you is completely different. Proven time and again that makeup mixed with alcohol converts almost any plain girl in love. We return to this well-worn theme, and consider new examples of stars without makeup. Some celebrities like Anna Lynne McCord and Lady Gaga, have decided to razvirtualizirovatsya via Twitter, and show that in real life they are not beautiful, but some had to persuade the paparazzi.

Let's start with the American actress Anna Lynn McCord (Anna Lynne McCord). Here she is on stage.

Residents of the town Beyzildon that in Essex County, Marc Korn '23. His weight today is only 45 pounds. Some time ago, Mark weighed even less. Now his family is trying to help a guy recover. Daily diet anorexic Mark consists of four cans of custard, chocolate mousse, and ten of ten cups of tea. The presence of a liquid food in the diet Brand explained by the fact that the boy is afraid of solid food.

Who has the most beautiful and stylish eyebrows? The British magazine Grazia has made a ranking of the best eyebrows.
1. The first place editors gave fantasy eyebrows, decorated with beads, which created the creative director of Chanel, Peter Phillips, to show the brand's autumn-winter 2012. Rim strips are glued on top of natural makeup eyebrows models.

For the sake of a comfortable flight abroad Briton has reduced his waist girth to 2.7 meters to 76 centimeters.

Needless to say, the twins - in themselves an amazing natural phenomenon. More interesting to watch the famous pair who shared the fate of one for two.

We would like to live in this? Last Saturday in the Austrian village of Terfens officially opened a new attraction - the house upside down, in the creation of which was attended by Polish architects. Irek Glovatskaya and Marek Rojansky (Irek Glowacki, Marek Rozanski) turned in a new house on its head almost all - not just the furniture and other items, but even a car in the garage. Tour the house will be a very difficult test for the vestibular apparatus.

When Peter Jackson, director of the famous blockbuster "Lord of the Rings", flying over an island in Matamata, New Zealand, I saw this place, we immediately realized that they are ideally suited to its Hobittona. In March 1999 he began to prepare for the settlement of the hobbits to begin shooting by year's end

Meskaltitan (Mexcaltitan) translated from the Nahuatl language means "the island, full of mescal" (a kind of strong alcoholic beverage). This is - a tiny island off round the Pacific coast of Mexico, with a population of just over 800 people. According to legend, this place is the ancestral home of the Aztecs.

Meskaltitan (Spanish Mexcaltitán), full name Meskaltitan de Uribe (born Mexcaltitán de Uribe) - village in Mexico, State of Nayarit, the municipality of Santiago Iskuintla, located on the same island.

The Lost Atlantis The Lost Atlantis is one of the oldest and most disturbing minds of mysteries. Since ancient times people tried to find Atlantis, which is sunk by an earthquake or a tsunami. The Greek philosopher Plato described Atlantis as a large island located in the vicinity of Gibraltar, the abode of the most advanced civilization and the object of unsurpassed elegance with a glorious palace. In addition to other features of the Atlantis was inhabited by the beautiful creatures. It was the temple of Poseidon, concentric walls and canals.

Dangerous surf

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In search of perfect waves surfers, some go too far. Two daredevil tried to catch a wave in dangerous proximity to the pier at the south coast of Cornwall.

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