When Peter Jackson, director of the famous blockbuster "Lord of the Rings", flying over an island in Matamata, New Zealand, I saw this place, we immediately realized that they are ideally suited to its Hobittona. In March 1999 he began to prepare for the settlement of the hobbits to begin shooting by year's end

As we know, been involved in the shooting of the New Zealand Army. The soldiers built a 1.5 kilometer road to Hobittonu, which were brought special earthmoving machinery and a host of other equipment. It was dug 37 holes for houses on the slopes, and the rooms themselves were decorated in wood and plastic. Fences were made from barberry, planted small gardens, which are cherished nurtured during the winter. During the entire nine months, 400 people worked every day to transform this place into a well-known Hobitton, located in the Middle

After filming the trilogy this place was abandoned, only 17 survived out of 37 houses. The only guests there were numerous herds of sheep grazing here. In 2011 Hobiton was completely rebuilt for the filming of the movie "The Hobbit" and now a museum as a permanent exhibition and attraction for film fans

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