It's no secret that many stars often ask for the services of cosmetologists, plastic surgeons and makeup artists to hide their true age. But despite this, the years have a different effect on the appearance of various celebrities. For example, it is difficult to believe that Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan - the same age, and Mickey Rourke was born in one year with Liam Nisson.

Dakota Fanning and Courtney Stodden (1994)

Topic original advertising media is inexhaustible - creators of the world have mastered even the lampposts. Lamp and power poles can be safely attributed to the advertising media, which we do not. While the creative examples of their use in the promotion of brands in the world a lot. Use the power poles and wires is not always possible in terms of safety, dozens of similar examples exist in the global advertising.

Of course, the strip

Cognac is usually referred to as one of the most expensive spirits in the world. Although the habit of drink cognac can get pretty expensive, there are good affordable cognacs. However, Brandy is not the only drink in the most expensive category. And of course, the cost of a bottle of alcohol, comparable to the value of a good house, for most people to put it mildly, incomprehensible. However, to get acquainted with the list of most expensive of all times alcohol is quite interesting. Some of the bottles on the list - artifacts of history, some are still made​​, and some - just plain kitsch. The list begins with the cheapest (among the most expensive) of alcoholic beverage - beer ...

Haiku Stairs is on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. 4.000 degrees and a length of about half a mile - that features the staircase leading up into the sky, as it is sometimes called. Haiku was built in 1943 from the antenna cables.

Four fabulous pools

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Hotel Intercontinental Festival City, Dubai

The last two weeks of temperatures in Europe stays at record-low ... However, in the end there are amazingly beautiful ice sculptures. You the amazing ice sculptures at Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Before you 25 aerial from different cities around the world, where the largest number of tall buildings.

National Museum of Denmark

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National Museum of Denmark is situated in a mansion in the rococo style, next to Christiansborg Castle. Visit the museum - a great opportunity to dive into the world of Denmark's oldest ages. The museum exhibition reproduces an ancient culture based on the use of silicon tools. Fashion connoisseurs can enjoy this mini-skirt of the season in 1370 BC - Dress the famous "girl from Egtveda." All this time the burial was in a peat bog, so it is so well preserved.

The most famous museum exhibit - the Chariot of the Sun datituetsya about the same age. This bronze-gilt statue of 60 cm length. It depicts a horse harnessed to a chariot in the form of the solar disk. It is likely that the sculpture had a religious significance.

Reporters tracked down in India, a unique family - three sisters suffering from "werewolf syndrome" or gipertrihozom.Sestry werewolves - 23-year-old Savita, 18-year-old Moniz and 16-year-old Savitri Sangli live in a small village near the city of Pune in central India. Hypertrichosis they had inherited from his father. This is a rare hereditary disease which is characterized by abundant hair on virtually all of the human body.

Stars credulous as children in all that comes to fashion. They honestly believe stylists and designers to friends. A fashion designer and are happy to try, clothing and footwear of celebrities in his latest creation - frankly, not always successful. While the self-fulfilling fashion, star beauty become a laughing stock on the red carpet.


Singer and actress Ashanti has clearly demonstrated its attitude toward the world, appearing on the New York fashion week in scandalous sandals sticking with the "middle finger" of Massimo Dogana.

 Singer and actress Ashanti has clearly demonstrated its attitude toward the world, appearing on the New York fashion week in scandalous sandals sticking with the "middle finger" of Massimo Dogana.

Amazing Blue City
The travelers, wandering the endless roads of unrelenting Thar Desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan, just know its destination. The sky will fall to the ground and everything will turn into a single color - blue. Jodhpur is brought before them, like the azure treasure in the desert.

No soul is hard to imagine the beginning of the day, classes active in sports and in general the existence of a hot summer day. But the soul of souls differ. And modern cabins can be quite unusual and extremely reliable. That's about the places for the hygienic procedures we describe in this review.

In the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Pakistan, was discovered the 12-meter whale shark. This type of shark, the largest fish on earth completely safe for humans, because feeds exclusively on plankton. Whale shark fishing is officially banned, so the dead giant's eagerly bought local fish diler.Mertvuyu whale shark, found off the coast of Pakistan, was sold for $ 19 thousand

In Hong Kong, broke supercar Pagani Zonda F
I have every time my heart bleeds, when the motor turns into a masterpiece of a pile of scrap metal. At this time the victim was the driver Krivorukov unique supercar Pagani Zonda F, which is produced in a limited edition. Behind the wheel of cars was the executive director of Dolce & Gabbana in Hong Kong. By the way, experts say that car is beyond repair.

In general, today in my column this a starter of salmon with a creamy caviar sauce that goes great with vodka ...

Mini bus

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Brit redid the lawn mower at the bus.
77-year-old retiree is very pleased with his offspring. Go to the bus can climb 5 people and a driver.

3D-image of cities

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Beautiful 3D-image of cities, that go beyond conventional pictures.
These pictures seem alive on the screen!

Brave and unusual climbers occupied frozen waterfalls and ice blocks 
Photographer says: "It's almost a vertical column, reminiscent of the Romanesque, but it is entirely out of ice. Its height is 30 meters! She is absolutely stunning looks, but most importantly it is not even that. Tourists and climbers owls of this world come here to experience their own power. It is very difficult to photograph, need a special flash and other equipment, so that without preparation does not cope. Two years ago there was an accident, one of the climbers fell almost to the height of the tenth floor. But wanting to test himself does not become smaller.

Beautiful lighthouses

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Lighthouse - a place where born and die in a moment of light and this is repeated again and again. Since the time of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria Tower, sending rays of light into the darkness and become a guiding light for ships and an object of delight for tourists.

 You are invited to view entirely creative and entertaining phonebooths...

West Des Du Toit, a former security guard from South Africa, has become a real Tarzan - he wants to play in the movie about the hero of the jungle. 24-year-old unemployed builder was literally obsessed with the legend of Tarzan, while living in Namibia, where he spent his childhood. The boy's father collected the stories of Tarzan and comic books, which tell of his adventures. Currently, West Des Du Toit expects that he will be able to interest Hollywood - and he was invited to play the role of his idol.

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