National Museum of Denmark

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National Museum of Denmark is situated in a mansion in the rococo style, next to Christiansborg Castle. Visit the museum - a great opportunity to dive into the world of Denmark's oldest ages. The museum exhibition reproduces an ancient culture based on the use of silicon tools. Fashion connoisseurs can enjoy this mini-skirt of the season in 1370 BC - Dress the famous "girl from Egtveda." All this time the burial was in a peat bog, so it is so well preserved.

The most famous museum exhibit - the Chariot of the Sun datituetsya about the same age. This bronze-gilt statue of 60 cm length. It depicts a horse harnessed to a chariot in the form of the solar disk. It is likely that the sculpture had a religious significance.

It is very well represented in the Museum of the Viking Age, in particular, the stones with runic inscriptions.

Other exhibits tell about Denmark in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the 18th century.

But first things first

National Museum of Denmark is in the heart of Copenhagen, right in the alley behind City Hall and almost opposite the Palace

Here's Palace

On the way there are now houses

And the main entrance to the museum
Login - Free, time limited visits there. You can take pictures. Inside is quite comfortable, spacious. Employees willing to answer your questions and help you. It is in this museum, and should be
Easy navigation
Especially there was no time for the museum, so quickly ran to some rooms, ranging from prehistoric times

But this is just a stone with runes

Perehodim to the Middle Ages

And the crown of the Kings

Age of Discovery

On this my first cursory familiarity with the National Museum of Denmark was completed. Continued - sometime in the next trip :)

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