Reporters tracked down in India, a unique family - three sisters suffering from "werewolf syndrome" or gipertrihozom.Sestry werewolves - 23-year-old Savita, 18-year-old Moniz and 16-year-old Savitri Sangli live in a small village near the city of Pune in central India. Hypertrichosis they had inherited from his father. This is a rare hereditary disease which is characterized by abundant hair on virtually all of the human body.

Faces of the girls is almost completely covered with hair - they have very thick eyebrows and men's beards.

In the Indian village women with the disease is almost no chance of finding a husband, but the sisters are hoping to arrange his personal life. They regularly use hair removal creams and dream to save money on laser hair removal cost several thousand dollars.

According to the woman, his uncle and aunt who raised her after the death of the parents and forced to marry the man threatened with murder. Spouse Routh died in 2007.

Indian documentary filmmaker Sheh Gupta intends to make a film about the fate of these girls to draw attention to their problem, to help them raise money for laser hair removal and find a husband.

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