Cognac is usually referred to as one of the most expensive spirits in the world. Although the habit of drink cognac can get pretty expensive, there are good affordable cognacs. However, Brandy is not the only drink in the most expensive category. And of course, the cost of a bottle of alcohol, comparable to the value of a good house, for most people to put it mildly, incomprehensible. However, to get acquainted with the list of most expensive of all times alcohol is quite interesting. Some of the bottles on the list - artifacts of history, some are still made​​, and some - just plain kitsch. The list begins with the cheapest (among the most expensive) of alcoholic beverage - beer ...

10. The most expensive beer.

It would seem that this is the only product in this list that you can afford. However, the market price of one bottle of beer - $ 52. But even $ 52 for a bottle of beer (left), still too much for most beer drinkers, despite the fact that the alcohol content in it - about 25%. (the strongest beer in the world).

Nevertheless, for the first bottle of Tutankhamun Ale at the auction was paid $ 7686. The remaining batch of beer was sold for about $ 76 per bottle.

However, the first in the list of most expensive beer in the world, put the beer Vielle Bon Secours and costs about 500 £ ($ 800) per bottle (pictured right). This beer can be found only in London, at the bar Bierdrome.

9. $ 43.500 - Jerez in 1775 from the collection of Massandra.
This bottle was Sold in London at Sotheby in 2001. Massandra Collection - one of the best, but this wine is nothing special except for its age. .

Eight. $ 51,000 - Jamaican Rum (1940).

This rum was bottled in 1940 in Jamaica, and contains a mixture, which were manufactured before 1915 and has the distinction of being the most expensive bottle of rum in the world. The bottle, which show up on the first rum festival in Europe, RomFest, estimated at 26 000 £. The bottle, which is one of four unsolved bottles of the drink in the world, represents a lost technology of manufacturing the drink Wray and Nephew Rum. The popularity of Mai Tai cocktail led to a drop in the popularity of the Roma in the 1930s. and to keep up with the times, the distillery changed their production technology. Thus, the one who opens the bottle ever have a chance to try this old rum. In total there are 4 bottles of rum.

7. The most expensive wine.

This bottle of wine in 1787 was sold recently (2006) "American Client" for $ 90,000. We must remember that this bottle can be attributed many events of those years. In 1787 when peasants in Bordeaux were collected these grapes George Washington became the first president of the United States, Marie Antoinette French revolutionaries were going to chop off his head, and James Watt invented the steam engine.
This bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite was originally purchased in France in 1787 to future U.S. president Thomas Jefferson, who was an avid collector of wine. That bottle of Bordeaux, was sold at auction in 1985 by Christopher Forbes for $ 160,000. Its main value is that the bottle once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, and on it engraved with his initials.

In 1989, another bottle of Bordeaux, Thomas Jefferson (this time 1787 Chateau Margaux) was taken in the restaurant "Four Seasons" in New York for the show. At the end of the evening the waiter caught a dining table and flipped it with wine. The bottle was insured in the amount of $ 225,000. Cheers!

It should be noted that according to some sources the wine does not retain its quality indefinitely and eventually turns into an ordinary vinegar, and most of these the most expensive bottle of wine was old and contained within it, but it is doubtful whether even those who have tried it, admit it.

Buyer 200 years of bottle of white wine 1811 Château d'Yquem - private collector Christian Vanneque, paid her 75,000 pounds.
Château d'Yquem is one of the finest and most expensive sweet white wines, for Climatology 1811, review of testing, as well as the favorable appearance of the Great Comet of that year, which was believed to have increased the quality of wine, all point to the excellent the wine.
As a buyer said - "This is not only an investment - the wine purchased for udovolstvieya." Wine will be put in the bullet-proof, airtight box with a constant temperature on display for six years at his restaurant, the SIP Sunset Grill in Bali. "I'll get him through six years to celebrate the 50th anniversary of when I started work in Paris and will share this pleasure with my wife, brothers and friends - I already know how to menus," said Vanneque.

6. $ 255,000 - Tequila Spluch.

The bottle is made of platinum and white gold, and was introduced in Mexico in 2006. The bottle was purchased at auction a private collector July 20, 2006.

Thus, the highest price ever paid for a bottle of tequila, is $ 225,000. Platinum and gold adorn the bottle Ultra Premium Tequila Ley .925. Within the last bottle of triple distilled alcohol, and 8, 10 and 12 years old, made from the agave and produced by distilleries Hacienda La Capilla in Los Altos, Jalisco.
The company now released a bottle of one million euros ($ 1.5 million), which is covered with four kilograms of pure platinum and silver and encrusted with 6000 diamonds. Buyers have not yet found, as the company offers a fee of one hundred thousand euros to anyone who finds a buyer. The contents of the bottle is also not specified in advance - it can be and brandy.
Five. $ 275,000 - the most expensive champagne in the world.

Whenever we think of Champagne, we imagine any holiday, but for some people, a bottle of Champagne - rather an investment for which they parted with a very substantial sums of money, but if they plan to drink the contents ... ever!.
There are many examples of expensive champagne in the world, and the list continues to grow.One of the most expensive bottles sold over the past decade has been shamnanskoe Brut 1900, sold at auction for $ 17,625 an undisclosed buyer.Narrow vypusk100 boxes of 12 bottles of champagne Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Joet was sold for about $ 50,000 a bottle, and can undoubtedly be considered one of the most expensive in the world.

However, the undisputed leader among the most expensive Champagne wines produced in the last century - a collection of 2,000 bottles of Champagne Heidsieck in 1907 from a shipwrecked vessel holds. These are very expensive bottles of champagne were discovered in 1998, the study has sunk in the Gulf of Finland Swedish ship Jönköping.
This ship was lucky alcoholic beverages from Sweden to Russia of Tsar Nicholas II, but was torpedoed during World War II German submarine in 1916 and sank off the coast of Finland. However, much of the cargo remained intact, including most champagne bottles Hiedsieck named Diamant bleu, vintage 1907.

This is really unique bottle of champagne lay under water 80 years until divers have not found them in 1997 when examining the shipwreck.
Heidsieck Champagne in 1907 was sold for more than $ 275,000 per bottle, making it by far the most expensive champagne in the world.
They write that this champagne is actually 300 years old, and it came straight from the vineyards of Heidsieck, France. This age and its history and make it the most valuable champagne champagne in the world, saying that its quality is simply superb ...

4. $ 1,060,000 - Diva Vodka (Diva).

When it comes to vodka, the first thing that comes to mind, of course Russia. Surprisingly, the most expensive vodka is produced in Scotland. Vodka Diva - the most expensive vodka in the world, which is very similar to a bottle of perfume. Each bottle of vodka Diva contains precious and semiprecious stones, including diamonds. Vodka is a triple-distilled, and then she passed through the sand of the small diamonds and other precious stones. Vodka is also filtered with charcoal from the Scandinavian birch.

The bottle can be made to order. In every bottle a lot of precious stones, the number and quality of which depends on how much you are willing to pay. Each bottle contains a glass center, filled with precious or semiprecious stones, including diamonds. Jewelry changed accordingly and the price varies.

The minimum price of a bottle of vodka Diva - $ 3700, and for lovers of tight purse -. $ 1.06 million. Do you want to buy?

3. Cognac for $ 2 million.

This cognac, Henri IV Dudognon Heritage, which costs about $ 2 million, has recently been the most expensive alcohol in the world. This particular cognac was sustained for 100 years in barrels, which for five years before you use dried in air. The final product - 41% alcohol. In addition to the contents, the bottle itself is quite a lot of features. A bottle of processed gold and platinum (only 4 lbs. Precious metal), and is decorated with 6500 diamonds.

Two. Isabella's Islay - the most expensive whiskeys in the world.

It was not long since the last ranking of the most expensive whiskey and broken the record again.

For manufacturers, referred to as "water of life," Isabella's Islay whiskey has been developed and is made from the best bottle of crystal and then she was treated with white gold, diamonds and rubies. Single Malt, an all-natural, Isabella's Islay Isle of Islay, to be the finest Scotch whiskey, which you can imagine.

Available in two editions, Original and Special, Isabella's Islay Luxury Beverage Company is made from the UK.The original release of Isabella's Islay whiskey is considered the ultimate combination of art jeweler and master producer of whiskey. Encrusted with diamonds all over its surface, a bottle of this release is marked in the ruby ​​along its base, while the decanter stopper is made of best white gold bottle is made from the best English crystal, and is covered with pure white with gold before being covered with diamonds.
Want to know how much this beauty with whiskey in it? 3.8 million £ (6.2 million dollars). Given the more than 8500 diamonds, 300 rubies, white gold and crystal, of which the bottle. The company also offers a special issue of Whiskey Isabella's Islay, which retails for 470,000 £ UK (U.S. $ 740,000), the Countess, made from the best English crystal and white gold.
1. The most expensive liquor in the world.

Stuart Hughes has created the most expensive liquor in the world, named D'Amalfi Limoncello Supreme. Even though the drink itself is special, what really makes this product worth 27 million £ (43.68 million $) - a bottle. This is a specially designed bottle with three perfect AMAZ located on the neck, weighing 13 carats. One of the rarest diamonds in the world, weighing 18.05 carats, mounted on the body of the bottle ..
Made only two bottles of D'Amalfi Limoncello Supreme, containing a delicious liqueur from the Distillery Antica Russo of Italy. One bottle had already been once intended for an Italian lady, so there's only one more chance for you to buy the remaining.

Limoncello - an Italian national drink made ​​from a special lemons. For this fruit should remain in the mixture of alcohol and sugar for at least 20 days. The drink is usually served before a meal, or, or after dinner as an easy drink. It is said that the best Limoncello is made from sweet lemons, which grow on the coast of Amalfi, so costly D'Amalfi Limoncello Supreme

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