Topic original advertising media is inexhaustible - creators of the world have mastered even the lampposts. Lamp and power poles can be safely attributed to the advertising media, which we do not. While the creative examples of their use in the promotion of brands in the world a lot. Use the power poles and wires is not always possible in terms of safety, dozens of similar examples exist in the global advertising.

Of course, the strip

Australian Ideaworks used the image of a stripper on a pole for advertising underwear.
In Paris, six for the strip lights altered. Advertising agency JWT Paris has developed an original strategy for the nightclub - on city street lamps appeared strippers.

Women at the poles, but not strip

African agency, The Jupiter Drawing Room for the client Reckitt Benckiser, the generating means against mice, perched on the columns of terrified women.

The sharpest blade in the world

The Indian unit of Publicis Ambience has placed billboards along the roads of Mumbai, in which the role of the board itself is a gigantic blade.

The sharpest knife in the world

Knives Zwilling, being the right size, might even cut the pole.

The supporting bone

Agency Publicis Jakarta advertised Dumocalcin calcium tablets on support transport interchange.

tear-off teeth

Services of dentist John Mullali advertised through recreated on poles jaws. Agency - Cramer-Krasselt.

Notes on the wires

Calcutta School of Music uses electrical wiring as the stave where creatives from Ogilvy & Mother arranged excerpts from the works of Bach, Mozart and Haydn.

hairy noses

The agency Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia creative power line poles and beat in the outdoor advertising trimmer for nose.

It hurts as if pole stuck

Advertise with funds from the headache Buprofen a lamppost.

Pillars of the gallows-

Advertise with funds from the headache Buprofen a lamppost.

Pillars of the gallows-

In the social advertising Amnesty International about the inadmissibility of the death penalty from Leo Burnett creative people in Germany have turned into lampposts gallows.

Scottish Advertising Competition

In the traditional Scottish "Olympic Games" (Highland Games) competitions for quite a unique sport, including the throwing of logs.

With good fertilizers and poles zakolosyatsya

Scholz & Friends has developed a campaign for the brand fertilizer Seramis, using as a media column in the transitions of carriers, car parks, in subway stations. Agency under the huge columns of stylized bamboo shoots, palm trees and cactus.

Coffee lantern

At McDonald's free coffee was poured when you order breakfast in order to attract new customers. The agency Cossette (Vancouver) came up to finalize a lamppost in a way that he spoke about the free coffee.

Meet the giraffes

These columns have appeared in San Francisco when the city zoo giraffe appeared.

Delivery of the pillars

"If something is in place, it is likely to have been delivered to DHL".

The figure of a pole

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