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Brit redid the lawn mower at the bus.
77-year-old retiree is very pleased with his offspring. Go to the bus can climb 5 people and a driver.

Briton Derek Dzhekevey by conventional lawnmowers designed luxurious red bus, which can sit five people and a driver.
In this work a 77-year-old resident of the county of Norfolk has spent four years.

"Make this bus cost me several thousand pounds," - he said.

With the electricity pensioner has helped to understand the son of Duncan. In the bus, as expected, working headlights and interior lighting.
With the body set up by Derek, a driver from his seat could open the back passenger door.

Note, the former lawn mower does not have official permission to travel on British roads. However Dzhekevay himself gave his creation the number LH 23 GCD, in honor of his date and place of birth - London, July 1934 twenty-third of the year. How to write the British media, the bus brought the family of Derek's a lot of fun. Now he is forced to look for him a new owner.

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