In general, today in my column this a starter of salmon with a creamy caviar sauce that goes great with vodka ...

In general, everything is prepared quickly and without much straining.
Extract from the interior of the refrigerator the desired set of products:
salmon fillet - 200 g (highly recommend taking the maximum unsalted)
bacon - 150-200 g (or the number of slices is equal to the number of slices of salmon)
sour cream - 200 g
red caviar - 1 teaspoon
Lemon - 1 piece
lettuce, pepper, salt to taste

Of course, all this can be put on the bread and just break into a vodka. But it is ordinary and ... hungry.
And we are not looking for easy ways to love sex in a hammock and stand.
We cut the salmon into slices (or lay out the finished cutting) and sprinkled with lemon juice.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper (and salt very carefully, fish and bacon on their own can be salty, and eggs in a sauce, too, will give a contribution), and then we turn to the rolls.
Next, take the bacon, which was left after you've tried it a few times and wrap each roll with a slice of bacon from the salmon
Once completed, this painstaking operation that requires the truth of the highest culinary abilities, lined with baking foil me stupid too lazy to wash the pan and lay the fish on it with bacon rolls
And Sui's head rolls to the pan for 3-5 minutes in the preheated oven to 180 degrees.
Meanwhile, prepare sauce. Take sour cream
And it added a teaspoon of caviar and sliced ​​tripe previously squeezed out lemon.
Mix. The sauce is ready.
We take out the pork from the oven with the fish from the freezer and perspiring bottle of vodka. Vodka - on piles, snack - on lettuce and on plates. Covering, of course, creamy caviar sauce
Bon Appetit!
And remember, vodka - our enemy! But who said that we are afraid of enemies?

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