In the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Pakistan, was discovered the 12-meter whale shark. This type of shark, the largest fish on earth completely safe for humans, because feeds exclusively on plankton. Whale shark fishing is officially banned, so the dead giant's eagerly bought local fish diler.Mertvuyu whale shark, found off the coast of Pakistan, was sold for $ 19 thousand

Mehmood Khan, owner of the fishing Chara, told reporters that he is dying whale shark seen in the sea for another ten days ago, at a distance of 150 km from the fishery. On Tuesday, a giant shark Mehmood Khan's men have already found dead in shallow waters off the coast of Divination in Balochistan.
The dimensions were 40 feet of a giant (more than 12 meters) long, 6 feet (1.8 meters) wide. To raise this huge carcass, first drove two cranes, but they were not enough, so I had to use a few more.
Despite the fact that in recent years, this is not the only instance of such a "catch" on the pier a large crowd gathered. According to the marine biologist Moazama Khan for the past seven years, about three dozen dead whale sharks have been found off the coast of Pakistan.
The operation to lift the seven-ton shark took 4 hours.
Raised the bloody carcass: during the long recovery of dead giant, cut off part of the shark fin and started bleeding through the gills.
A dead shark sold fish dealer Niyabi Qasim. The deal amounted to 1.7 million rupees, ie, more than 18,500 dollars.
The whale shark is one fish traditionally produced in the Arabian Sea, Indian and Pakistani fishermen. In the coastal areas of Pakistan, whale shark meat is eaten fresh or pickled, and the liver is used to extract oil for impregnation fishing boats
Because this type of fish is on the verge of extinction, the whale shark fishing is prohibited.

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