No soul is hard to imagine the beginning of the day, classes active in sports and in general the existence of a hot summer day. But the soul of souls differ. And modern cabins can be quite unusual and extremely reliable. That's about the places for the hygienic procedures we describe in this review.

Bana Bender - a shower, where you can build muscles
Usually people are washed after the gym. But the shower Bana Bender can generally replace the hike in trenazherku. The fact that his watering can become a barbell, dumbbells or expanders. Moreover, the water does not pour, until you start to use it as sports equipment.

Phyto-Purification Bathroom - Shower in the reeds
Phyto-Purification Bathroom - a shower that will turn your bathroom into a natural area. After all the water that you use when washing your body will not go into the sewer system, and the makeup of reeds, water lilies and other similar plants that are part of Phyto-Purification Bathroom.

Horizontal shower
The company has created a horizontal Donbracht shower. It compares favorably with conventional heart by two parameters. First, it can completely relax, because you do not stand and lie down. Second, in this position, the water washes better than your body.

Shower running iPhoneDush running iPhone
Shower PalmShower has a very unusual appearance. He looks like a palm tree. Moreover, this device - versatile, and is controlled by the iPhone. Thus, you can open and close the "leaves" palm, turn on or turn off the water to run LED lighting (required for color therapy), as well as manage audio of the soul.

Shower tree Whatatree
Another shower that looks like a plant. Just like Whatatree not on the palm, and the common tree.

Shower for the ballerina and artistic gymnasts
Shower Ballerine repeats its shape and movement of legs ballerina ribbon rhythmic gymnastics. This gives him a visual lightness, airiness and beauty. Moreover, this element can be twisted as a lift, as well as lower, thereby transforming a shower into the bath.

RAINywhere - showers for travelers
Shower RAINywhere - is the perfect find for travelers and followers of the "green" world. Water, which it uses, is taken from rain or natural streams. And it is heated by electricity produced from solar panels built into RAINywhere.

Shower in the form of eggs
Egg - is the ideal form. Not for nothing because in the mythology of many peoples of this world it hatched. That person pomyvshiysya in the shower, if re-born. In connection with this perfectly logical looks egg-shaped form of the soul, created by designer Alina Komarova.

Aquanatass - the world's sexiest shower
Aquanatass - this is probably the most sexy looking souls in the world. Because it is made in the form of the human body. So, while in the bathroom, you will feel that you are there is not one / one.

Shower by Cesana with built-in aquarium
With the advent of the soul of the company Cesana phrase "like a fish in water" gets new meaning. After all, this booth for washing the body has a built-in aquarium with floating fish in it. A person who uses such a shower, can call these silent animals "colleagues" or even "brothers."

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