The last two weeks of temperatures in Europe stays at record-low ... However, in the end there are amazingly beautiful ice sculptures. You the amazing ice sculptures at Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

A small dog trying to walk on the ice next to the frozen in the icy crust of the machine on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
Frozen waves of Lake Geneva.

Frozen tree on the shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

A man walks past a car covered with ice on the shore of Lake Geneva in Versoix.
The handle on the door of the machine covered with a crust of ice on Lake Leman in Versoix near Geneva.

Covered by ice slide on the beach Paquis Baths in Geneva.
Kirsty Griffiths took this photograph of the waterfront Versoix. She said: "Only in the city was covered with frost three cars with foreign license plates all the signs - the locals are well aware that it is not necessary to park the car near the lake due to strong winds and low temperatures."
Another photo Kirsty Griffiths.

The shore of Lake Geneva, embedded photographer Mike Gerard.

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