Needless to say, the twins - in themselves an amazing natural phenomenon. More interesting to watch the famous pair who shared the fate of one for two.

Bright Star Tatiana and Elena Zaitsev rose in 1996, when radio and television incessantly spun the song "Sister," is largely autobiographical.

Sisters, amounting in the future, one of the most famous vocal duo of twins on the Russian stage, were born December 16, 1963 in Voronezh, but spent his childhood in the GDR, where he served as their father.

Now Zaytsevy rarely go to the scene, devoting his time to personal and social life, as well as active zoozaschitnoy activities - they often come into conflict with supporters of the gestures of shooting stray dogs.
It is not known, the world would know about James and Oliver Phelps (Oliver & James Phelps) - a boy from the backwoods of British - if their parents had not heard the one about the casting for the role of the twins Fred and George Weasley in the epic about a young wizard Harry Potter.
The young men were frightened crowd of competitors, but luck is James and Oliver - the brothers have chosen from thousands of red urchins, which eventually made ​​them real stars.
Twins born February 25, 1986, are remarkably similar to each other. The only difference between them - a small mole on the neck of Oliver, which is younger than his brother as much as 13 minutes.
Twins Olga and Tanya Arntgolts were born March 18, 1982, in Kaliningrad, and the older sister Tatiana as much as 20 minutes. In the late 90's sister came to Moscow to try their luck at admission to the famous "Sliver"
Unlike other universities, where the sisters refused, saying: "The same actress we do not need!" In a theater school Shchepkin girls was the first time and immediately fell asleep offers to act in films and serials.
Despite the similarities, the sisters still have differences. For example, Olga, calm and self-contained, creative life successfully formed in a feature film, and Tatiana, a cheerful and sociable - for serial field.
Pets fashionistas all over the world and the creators of the brand DSquared2, Dean and Dan Keith (Dean & Dan Caten), - perhaps the most cheerful people in the world of fashion-industry, as each of their shows - is an unforgettable extravaganza of music and fashion.
Brothers Dean and Dan designer who now prefer to dress nearly all first-magnitude star, born December 19, 1964 in sunny Italy. They grew up in the harsh conditions of Canada, where the parents took them in early childhood.
However, as adults, the brothers moved first to New York where he studied design, and then in Milan, where he got an internship for the great Gianni Versace.
The brothers Vladimir and Alexander Borisenko, born September 8, 1992 in Dnepropetrovsk, a stellar career never dreamed of. Much more fascinated by its spectacular extreme hikes, which organized the mother.
It was she who taught the sons of the right to pitch a tent, a fire, cook porridge from the ax and the target areas. Perhaps these survival skills in extreme conditions and help Sasha and Volodya to break into the "Factory Zirok."
And even if they never have won, Ukraine bezogovorchno fell in love with these charming guys who, incidentally, recently recorded two new songs and filmed their debut music video.
In 2005, the red brothers Constantin and Boris Burdaevy blasted television and radio song "Add Photo To Cart." By the popularity of the twins were as much as 8 years old. But it is "eyelash" turned them into real stars.
However, in March 2009 "The Brothers Grimm," announced an indefinite leave and went to different projects. A year later, Constantine tried to revive the group. But after the release of fourth album, in 2010, his wife died, forcing him to move away from show business.
In the fall of 2011 came the news of his return to the scene of Boris with a new creative group called «Lirrika». This finally dispelled the rumors about the possibility of reuniting the brothers in the music group.
Alexei and Vasili Berezutsky born June 20, 1982. Football career began with the age of 17, in 1999, the club "Torpedo-ZIL."
In 2001, the twins moved to CSKA Moscow, which signed a contract until 2011. However Alex made ​​his debut just before his brother - May 8, 2002, - while Basil entered the field only on July 17.
"Distinguish between us is very simple. I have a broken nose, a little above me, Alex. In fact, we are very different ... Who knows we have long, distinguished without any problems. Little in common between us, I promise, "- said Basil.
In 2001, the 12-year-old twin brothers from Leipzig, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (Bill & Tom Kaulitz) founded the music group «Devilish» and performed in front of friends as long as Bill did not go to a local "Star Academy".
There he saw the producer Peter Hoffman, after which the band promptly renamed «Tokio Hotel» - it was under this name band broke into the world of show business.
The phenomenal success of boys of criticism can not be explained so far, but the fact remains. Brethren to its success include age, respectively - in their words, the best thing that gives glory, it is possible to travel the world and meet girls.
Despite the fact that the sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) were born on Friday, June 13, 1986, failed their fate can not be called - on the contrary, twins were born under a lucky star clearly.
Having started his acting career in 9 months, the girls continued their success with it on, starring in not one dozen Hollywood films. And in the age of 17, they founded their own production company.
In addition, Mary-Kate and Ashley have created their own brand, under which started production of clothing, cosmetics and accessories. Today the sisters Olsen owned the entire business empire with a billion-dollar, have met their halves and quite happy.
Polina and Kseniya Kutepova, to celebrate this year the 40th anniversary, called the "solar Fomenko" - because of the color of hair and long-term commitment to the mother to the theater and its director Peter Fomenko.
Unfortunately, the incredibly talented sisters rarely indulge fans with his appearance on the screen - movies and directors are chosen very carefully, not removed in the series, and appearing in TV commercials is considered below their dignity.
Also, they rarely appear at social events. The only thing where you can meet Setser - stage. There are real prima - Moscow theater actresses standing applause.

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