For the sake of a comfortable flight abroad Briton has reduced his waist girth to 2.7 meters to 76 centimeters.

6 years ago Briton Alison Wilson (Alysson Wilson) was so thick that she could not go to the toilet on their own. Moreover - a truly enormous body of 33-year-old woman, weighing at that time almost 267 kg, did not even see their feet.

Now the brave mother of two daughters, weighs just over 76 pounds, and her dress size dropped from 48 to 14. But the main thing - Alison finally able to realize his dream - to fly abroad, taking a plane ticket to only one location.

"My first trip abroad eight years ago was a complete nightmare and quite humiliating. I had to order two seats, which caused havoc on landing, so we had to explain why we had five seats for four people, "- she recalls.
But her desire to lose weight was not spontaneous - in 2004 a woman was hospitalized with an asthma attack that occurred due to excess weight. A year later, doctors told a British, that it is very obese may soon lead to death.
Then she sat on wellness diet, monitor compliance with which she helped her husband, a former fitness trainer. However, this was not enough, and in 2006 Alison decided on gastric bypass procedure, carried out in a hospital in Manchester.
Since it began its rapid weight loss at 190 pounds, entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Along with the loss of weight a woman gained a lot of sagging skin, the latter of which the excess was removed recently.
The process of reduction in volumes of Alison proceeded so quickly that there were no misunderstandings. "One day a friend called me and said that she saw my husband Derek with another woman. She could not believe it when I told her it was me! "- Briton laughs.
Now the woman happy - a feat it was reflected in almost all aspects of her life: from communicating with friends and ending with her ​​sex life with her husband. In addition, it has become increasingly spending time with his daughters and got a job.
Second in the life of Alison holiday abroad - her recent trip to Bulgaria - has allowed a woman to look at ourselves through the eyes of others: "We went to the waterpark, I swam in the sea, and there was no oblique views, or ridicule."
"Before, I was ashamed to wear a bikini, but this time I was able to get a nice tan and quite worried about how I look!" - Says the 39-year-old Briton.
And he adds: "My life changed completely. I got a second chance. And I will draw the maximum benefit out of it. "

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