Who has the most beautiful and stylish eyebrows? The British magazine Grazia has made a ranking of the best eyebrows.
1. The first place editors gave fantasy eyebrows, decorated with beads, which created the creative director of Chanel, Peter Phillips, to show the brand's autumn-winter 2012. Rim strips are glued on top of natural makeup eyebrows models.

2. "Silver" has got a natural eyebrows Natalia Vodianova. The creators of the rating shall be:
"We love her bushy brows and natural that it did not follow the rules, which, being a model must be constantly hears, - plucking, shaping, putting in proper form. It seems that lately it has become a trend already in "

3. Three leaders close the the eyebrows Angelina Jolie, who is a perfect arc - that are often asked to make a visitor salons. Angie's eyebrows are close to perfect - not too thin, not too thick, giving her face an even more expressive.
4. Fourth place is the favorite of the British Emma Watson and her "elegant eyebrows." The authors explain:
We like the fact that Emma's eyebrows always look well-groomed, but it's not too artificial.

5. Editors and supported the publication of this trend next season, as invisible eyebrows. Do not confuse them with the thin "thread" - this refers to bleached eyebrows so that they are almost invisible.
Such models can be seen at many shows and photo sessions - for example, shows Gucci.

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