Photojournalist Ambroise Tezenas the past few years traveling to places disfigured by wars, natural disasters and catastrophes. When these places leave the military, rescue workers and doctors ... come back tourists.

Black Tourism is becoming more and more popular. In fact, this fashion trend - a new form of expression of human nature. Professor John Lennon of the University of Glasgow, author of the term "black tourism", explained: "This is based on our admiration for a person's ability to do evil and delight in death. The same people forced to watch executions and bloody battles. And, of course, mass visits to the places where once there was organized genocide, does not prevent the chances that such a phenomenon as genocide does not happen again. "

Author photo project "Black Tourism" Ambroise Tezenas, inspired by the works of Lennon to create the project, talks about his work: "People love to be photographed against the background of the places where hundreds of people died. Interestingly, one would say for yourself killed. I just traveled to these places and filmed people as they arrived there. I tried to do so, to open the true face of this new kind of tourism. Nowadays, when we are surrounded by a virtual death on their TV screens and computers, real death is very far from us. "

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