In the evening you meet a girl who woke up one morning - and next to you is completely different. Proven time and again that makeup mixed with alcohol converts almost any plain girl in love. We return to this well-worn theme, and consider new examples of stars without makeup. Some celebrities like Anna Lynne McCord and Lady Gaga, have decided to razvirtualizirovatsya via Twitter, and show that in real life they are not beautiful, but some had to persuade the paparazzi.

Let's start with the American actress Anna Lynn McCord (Anna Lynne McCord). Here she is on stage.

What happened to Anna, I do not know, but before it is published in its morning Twitter photo with the words: "I woke up this morning and decided that the requirements of the Hollywood ideal of beauty, my girls and boys, best not to bathe. I'm also not perfect, and nothing terrible has happened to me. "
Lady Gaga without the war paint. So just do not know.
From a British socialite Pippa Middleton at royal wedding in the past year the world went crazy, so the Duchess looked like a goddess. And on a morning jog Pippa Middleton looks like a normal person.
Kim Kardashian is also often boasts of his love for sports and sports suits.
Kate Moss without makeup looks exactly like him.
Mischa Barton with no makeup and no bra.
Chloe and no makeup and no bra. Nothing like that.
And finally, Rihanna at the airport after a two-week vacation in Hawaii.
Aw, Snap, and then Rihanna! Nobody do not want a hangover, my friends!

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