The beauty of traveling alone is planned that the route, time stops and traveling companions you pick and choose. And if everything is organized and creative with the idea that the voyage must go down in history. How, for example ...
 Travel three Britons have traveled the globe in a taxi. Paul Archer, John Allison and Leigh Purnell took off from London in February last year and visited 50 countries on four continents. They returned May 11, 2012. For 15 months, according to the speedometer of their brand of British black cab "Hannah", they traveled 43 thousand miles - almost 69 500 km.

 A couple from the United States was noted by the most careful fuel consumption. John and Helen Taylor is professionally engaged in teaching economical driving. Thus, the mileage from Houston (Texas) in Sterling (Virginia) took two days. The pair was able to overcome on one tank of 2617 km (about 2.8 liters per "hundred").
 Alison and Ian Bailey, John Inglish and David Kelly in 1993, traveled by train from Hungary through Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, France, Luxembourg and Belgium, arriving in the Netherlands after 22 hours and 10 minutes after departure. So they crossed the greatest number of countries by train for a day.
 In Around the World are sent and motorcyclists. Ukrainian Valery Kryshen was on the road 307 days, he covered 63,000 km on the highway and off-road and traveled to 28 countries.

 Another unusual journey did himself a motorcycle, without the participation of the host. On the beach of Canada found Harley Davidson, sailed from Japan after the terrible tsunami. Motorcycle, while in the container, sailed across the ocean is almost 6500 kilometers. The owner of Harley found and sent him back to the bike.
 American Jonathan Trappe crossed the English Channel in a wicker basket, which was tied an impressive bunch of balloons with helium. Flight 36-year-old "balloonist" lasted 3 hours.
 In order to attract public attention, some are choosing very unusual vehicles. In the summer of 1997, 12-year-old Ryan Tripp rode across the U.S. 5417 miles on the lawn mower to raise 10,400 dollars for an operation for a sick child in his home town.

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