The owner of a collection of antiques from the "Titanic" has decided to put their costly treasures up for auction. Total collections in 5500 were more items: china, ship fittings debris, money, gold and much more. All these items are estimated previously at 190 million U.S. dollars.

This 17-ton section of hull "Titanic" - one of the 5,000 items that will be auctioned in New York in April. The head of auction house Guernsey's Auctioneers & Brokers Arlan Ettinger says that it will be one of the largest auction in history: "Who has not heard about the Titanic and not impressed by this story?". The auction is dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of departure of the "Titanic" from England to New York.
By court order items can not be sold as separate lots, and the entire collection should go entirely to the buyer who agrees to keep it and show to the public. In 2007 the collection was estimated at 189 million dollars.
Also can be sold only archaeological documents and a detailed map of the bottom at the crash site of "Titanic." Research materials contain new information on the crash site and may be grounds for new expeditions. "We open the possibility, open the" Titanic "for the future," said Brian Ueygner, a representative of Premier Exhibitions Inc., Which was engaged in a show of collections from the bottom.
Things with "Titanic" showed at exhibitions around the world. They are extracted from the crash site during expeditions in 1987, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2000 and 2004. The company, which contained a collection for 18 years, followed the wishes of the shareholders to make a collection and put it up for auction.
Illuminator with "Titanic."
Ship Telegraph to "Titanic."
Porcelain cup for first class passengers.
Porcelain for third-class passengers and crew.
Porcelain for third-class passengers and crew.
Chandelier with "Titanic."
The Nose "Titanic", which lies at the bottom.
A set of cuff links.
Pocket watches third-class passenger William Henry Allen.
Vest-passenger third-class William Henry Allen.
A ticket to the second class.
Golden Spoon.
Ratiometer that measured the speed of the "Titanic."

The lamp of the first class cabin.
The rise of the body section of the "Titanic", weighing 17 tons.

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