While the authors do not sign papers to avoid bias and bias opinions! Let's take each snowman as self-sufficient work of art, apart from the personality of the creator. However, all visitors can try to guess where someone.
Let's go!

number 1
Literary, culinary and theater-bags_bunny, remember, has expressed doubts as to that of the conventional food can be tasty and healthy sculpt a snowman. Fortunately, the participants of the exhibition is completely refuted this view.
Take a look: for the production of the snow fields of Russian citizen you need a dietary egg, 1 / 5 breast sausage, 3 sprigs of dill medium-sized (to handle - thinner, to whisk - povolosatee), 2 peas of black pepper and a little carrot (better to take a fresh, rather than last year).
The finished snegovichke contains only 100-120 calories and over 25% of the daily requirement of carotene
number 2
Or another example: Vitaminized snowman! Take three ripe Moroccan tangerine, pasta of "horns" little turnip sprouts, and rice as a substitute for crust and drifting snow.
Optionally you can include in the composition of a living rat, which will communicate with the snowman, greatly enhancing the festive mood.

number 3
ijona_tihaja & klammeraffe
Snowman is not alien to anything human, including love, especially the snowmen, rabbits. A hare in the East generally a symbol of fertility and male activity. As you can see, professionally and carefully sculpted anatomical details that subtly underscore.

№ 4
Paper and glass - that's simple and accessible to every material, form the basis for the next song. Note that this is the only job where meticulously shows a difficult process of making a snowman, so it can serve as a textbook for children, master the art of snow sculpture.

number 5
Gangsta snowman, also known as Ryan on SNIGGA. It is believed that it was made of the disks for dumbbells, which rocked Mike Tyson during his release in 1992-1995, the tattoo on his forearm and neck means "I never melt, muzafukas".

number 6
Classics are always in the price - and here at our exhibition presents classic snowman without elements of the avant-garde, abstract and orthauza - snowmen are beyond fashion, beyond short-term trends in art, they are eternal as the Mona Lisa and the Bears in a pine forest.

number 7
This so-called INVERTED snowman, ie body of carrots, and nose - of snow and ice. He is aware of its exclusivity and therefore looks quite pontovo, like this guy here.

number 8
And this is the most high-tech snowmen, even in Skolkovo would not have made steeper. To quote the author: "Material - paste for modeling tools - rolling pin, cookie tins, paint, acrylic, metallic, outline for glass." And you thought this snowman once or twice and you're done?

number 9
Stylized wooden snowman, the center of the composition, which we also see the house, fence and Christmas tree. Curiously, the picture is unclear SCALE parts, ie perhaps, a snowman and his entourage made ​​of thin sticks, and possibly of timber 500h60h60 see

number 10
This snowman has come to us straight from Germany, and that his participation in the exhibition gives us every right to call it International! As with any ethnic German, he strictly observes the rules of German snowmen, in particular, "Schneemann ohne authentische Eimer - kein Schneemann, und Ma├člosigkeit" ("snowman without authentic bucket - no snowman, and self-indulgence").

№ 11
Amazing snowman-transformer! Look at the first photo: in front of us with a typical hipster fashion handbag and scarf. But - again! two! three! - A handbag and scarf flying in the snow and we see Gopnik dashing with a cigarette and facial expressions, "Hey patsanchik, come here!"

№ 12
But this snowman says that he - LEDOVIK, representative of a new stage in the development of snowmen. Despite the cute and romantic appearance, ledoviki harder, inflexibility and capricious than snowmen. Judge for yourself: Photo submitted by ledovik so persistent and purposeful, that persuaded her to withdraw creator of it informative video, which reveals all the secrets, the secrets and details: http://youtu.be/YNxp5KiZrw4

№ 13
Recently, we have raised the topic peyperkrafta - modeling of the paper. Here's an example peyperkrafta highest level! Each paper snowman - his face, his own body language, its own character. Judging by their faces, each of the snowmen has a rich inner world than many of us!

№ 14
And now we come to the finish line: the classic snowman extremely well decorated with fruits, vegetables and hearts - symbols of love and friendship, living a harbinger of spring and the promise of the coming hot summer!

number 15
duduka and her daughter.
That snowman, candle, it burns like Danko himself to others it was warm and cozy! Wonderful, you say, humanistic and philosophical finale of our show.

So, friends, some of the snowman hooked strings of your soul? Looking at some of them, you want to cry uncontrollably and ice skating with roller coaster as a kid?

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