Selection of the dress on New Year's party - it tricky. However, the main night of the year passes, and then coming up holiday weekend when many families go to the guests themselves, or invite friends or relatives. Of course, it's best to spend all 10 days in pajamas or robe, however, meet guest demands decorum. It is this time - the best for New Year's sweater. Yes, the latest trend of this season were knitted sweaters, dresses, jackets, etc. with reindeer, snowflakes and other "Nordic" motives.

With a light hand the author of "Bridget Jones" remembered everything and learned these sweaters, vyvyazannye with love grandmothers. And now only those sweaters finally made ​​it to all the shops of the world, and only the lazy designer has not exhibited his collection of Christmas sweaters.
So we can safely go in such a sweater for Christmas party!

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