Perhaps the most famous and oldest tree in combination in France is an oak-Chapel (Fr. Chêne d'Allouville), which grows in the countryside Aluvil-Belefos (Seine-Maritime department).

The parameters of the tree is very surprising: its height is 18 m and the diameter of the barrel - 16 m. The exact age is unknown oak. Scientists can only assume, however, these assumptions affect considerable numbers. For example, in the 19th century, put forward the hypothesis that oak is definitely older than 800 years. Later, the data somewhat more precise, and was named the number - 1 200 years.
However, the uniqueness of the plant is not so much at his age and size, but in the fact that the tree is also a building.

And if you specifically, in the hollow of his two chapels are: Notre Dame de la Paix («Our Lady of Peace») and the Chambre de l'Ermite («Hermit's room»).

Around the trunk twists spiral staircase, on which you can climb in chasovni.Soglasno historical data, it is a miracle in the tree was constructed in 1696, construction began godu.Initsiatorami unusual abbot Detrua (rector of the local parish) and his friend - the father of Fate Du Serko. If pushed them to such an action is the real miracle: in the 60s of the 17th century oak, numbering about 870 years of age began to glow. People perceived light pouring out of the tree as God's Providence and decided to make it something like a sanctuary.
At the time, inside the trunk plant already had a small area of the cavity. If you believe the first written reports of the oak-chapel, dating from 1696 year, the abbot Detrua, in order to expand the space inside the tree, placed in the hollow of 40 children. Naturally, for such service he promised each of small coins. Later, inside the trunk, one above the other were two chapels. Lower dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the upper - the Cross torture. In the latter (ie, top) Father Du Serko himself settled down as a cell in which he lived as a recluse until his death. Later his cell and no one zanimalas.Chasovni spiral staircase repeatedly restored.
The first time the restoration work carried out in the second half of the 19th century. Over the course of their director oversaw the seminary D'Ivto. The design of the interior and exterior while traditionally supported style veka.Postepenno 17 townspeople who attended the chapel, oak, and have made a contribution to an unusual arrangement of the building. In particular, the wooden stairs, which were dangerous enough to move on it, added a railing.

In 1912, the oak struck by lightning, resulting in the barrel broke off. Since the tree was always under the supervision of, examine and if necessary remontirovalos.I Yet, despite the meticulous care, in the late 20th century oak-chapel of his frequent visits to a large number of pilgrims began to rapidly deteriorate. That is why in 1988 the tree was assembled metal karkas.V 2007 have been re-built stairs, and in 2008 to improve the environment inspection tourists oak planks and gravel podsypku around the tree had been replaced.

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