Museum of stealing the name of Yuri Detochkina, the hero of the film "Beware of the Car" - claimed as the first and only museum in Russia, which is unparalleled.

The museum exposition presents everything that can be associated with the hijacking of vehicles:
- Physical evidence left by criminals in an attempt to hijack;
- Locks and alarms, which are derived from the system by hackers;
- Tools and equipment used to commit theft;
- A collection of false documents;
- Statistics on theft;
- Homemade anti-theft devices;
- The most advanced and reliable security systems company
Since the opening of the museum many times to complete his collection of exhibits.
Most of them were provided by the Northern District traffic police or motorists presented.

In general, a tiny and stuffy museum, able to entertain bored except that in the showroom visitors.

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