Photo exhibition "Gibson Through the Lens", which opened in London, is a kind of product catalog company Gibson. All the guitarists whose photos can be found in this exhibition are united by one thing: the guitar. This is certainly Gibson. Dion DiMuchchi, composer, said: "Nothing could compare with Gibson. It was chic. Glitter. "

This collection - six-string catalog of masterpieces, which are in the hands of the craftsmen can turn into a terrible weapon. With them as with a banner, you can lead people. And you can caress them as the love of life.

Jimi Hendrix with a Gibson Flying V, San Francisco, 1968.
Johnny Cash, Custom Shop Acoustic, Colorado, 1958.
Neil Young, Les Paul Standard, Los Angeles, 1987.
Angus Young, SG Standard, London, 1987.
Elvis Presley, J-200 Acoustic Custom Shop, Texas, 1974.
Mick Jones, Les Paul Custom, England, 1980.
Dave Grohl, Trini Lopez, CA, 2006.
Sheryl Crow, Signature Acoustic, California, 2003.
Marc Bolan, Les Paul, CA, 1973.
Paul McCartney, Epiphone, London, 2003.
Emmili Harris, SJN. Los Angeles, 1978.
Joe Perry, ES-350, Boston, 2004.
Randi Rhodes, Les Paul Custom, London, 1981.
Slash, Les Paul Classic, Los Angeles, 2004.
Jon Bon Jovi, J-160E Acoustic, Utah, 1990.

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