You will not believe your eyes? That's right! Los climbed up a tree!09/07/2011, Sweden | Per Johansson out of town to the south of Sir Gothenburg on Tuesday night heard some strange noises coming from his garden. It's like a drunk climbed in and began to kick up a row. The landlord went to see what there is and, indeed, saw a drunk. But no man, and a young moose. He climbed into the garden, ate rotten apples out there in the trees, and when they begin to ferment in his stomach, drunk. Wanting to continue the party, moose climbed the apple tree and got stuck on it, filling the neighborhood bad indignant roar. Per Johansson tried to help him, but drunk losyara desperately kicked his hoof and not fend for themselves.

I had to call the police and cause a fire with a forester. Those come and somehow, otpilivaya branches, freed the captive, who immediately fell to the ground and slept like a log.

Los woke up the next morning. "My head aches, mouth dump ...».
Guilty glance at the traces of night fighting, elk walked home in the woods, get it from their elders.

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