The fact that we have constructed a really long time.

Treasury of Atreus, Greece. (built 3250 years ago)

 Kivikskaya tomb, Sweden (built 3000 years ago)
 Naveta des Tudons, Spain. Tomb of about 100 people (built 3200 years ago)
 Caral, Peru. The largest ancient settlement (built 4600 years ago)
 Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt (built 4,700 years ago)
Hulbjerg Jættestue, Denmark. Burial for 40 people. (built 5000 years ago)
 Newgrange, Ireland. Prehistoric monument and the oldest building in Ireland, built about 5100 years ago.
 Monte d'Accoddi, Italy. Built 5.200 years ago, it is surprisingly preserved building was either a temple or altar
 Knap of Howar, Scotland. Part of the building. It is the oldest brick building in Europe, built around 5500 years ago.
Megalithic Temples of Malta. Built more than 5,500 years ago.

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