Monkey is a primate animal. The number of living species of monkey is 260 in all over the world. They are considered generally very intelligent. Mostly monkeys have their tail but, some have no tail they are called “apes”.
Monkey has a great relationship with humans. Monkey seems to learn the same way humans do. The way of learning and observe the things are same in both.Mostly people kept them in zoo and enjoy seeing their habits and way of living. Let’s see and enjoy similarities of monkey with human.

 It is very strange that a monkey is taking a puff of cigarette. She asks people for gags to feed her habit of smoking. She lives in Thailand.
 What a wonderful boxing match is done between two monkeys. This terrific match was done in animal park of Bangkok.
 Wow! A monkey is enjoying the music on the T.V just like a young human.
 In this picture the chimp is driving a taxi. This wonderful idea is done for the advertisement of Pepsi.
 The monkey is showing her excitement by opening the packed gifts. This photo is captured at Lion Country Safari.
 Monkey wants to look like a human so that’s why she is wearing a pair of glasses in the monkey festival that is done in Thailand.
 The management of a zoo are celebrating 3rd birthday of a Xing. She is enjoying cake of her birthday. This wonderful party is organized at China.

Monkey is eating cake
Monkeys are very intelligent and have a brilliant mind. She is playing poker game that needs sharp mind. She wears the T- Shirt of this game also.
Monkey can compete the human. That real face is shown in this amazing picture. Their actions are quiet similar. It doesn’t matter who have won that but the view is most beautiful.

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