Lance Bass and Kim Kardashian joined at Halloween party , although it is not clear how to combine the themes of their costumes.

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama hands out candy to suit pupils of a cat in the White House in 2009.
Brad Pitt in a suit Dee J. Lance Rock from the TV show «Yo Gabba Gabba» and Angelina Jolie in the role of zombies brought their children (daughter Zahara at the bottom to suit women - bat) for Halloween treats in Los Angeles in 2009.
Tyra Banks Kim Kardashian in the way in 2009.
In an episode of the TV show "Ellen DeGeneres" komediantka put on the ... issue of the magazine «O, The Oprah Magazine». DeGeneres herself graced the cover of the magazine in its issue of November 2009.
Heidi Klum dressed as scarecrows and Jessica Alba in a costume party on Halloween Dora in Los Angeles in 2009.
Actress Blake Lively dressed as Cleopatra, and TV host Martha Stewart in the image of Medusa on the set of Martha's show in 2008.
TV host Kelly Ripa dressed up as a hippie while walking with children in 2007.
Lauren Conrad has decided to resort to such an accessory, like feathers, at a party in honor of Halloween in Hollywood in 2008.
Ashley Greene from "Twilight" in the costume of the peacock and Kela Lutz in the costume of Robin for hellounskoy party in 2009.
In 2009, rocker Gwen Stefani dressed up Jessica from the animated film "Toy Story."
Heidi Klum dressed as sexual females at a party in honor of Halloween in 2007.
British actress Kate Beckinsale turned the noise in the streets of Santa Monica in Little Red Riding Hood costume in 2008. Len Wiseman Her husband was dressed in the costume of the skeleton, and daughter Lily - a suit of Marie Antoinette.

Katy Perry in 2008, has combined Halloween and his 24th birthday in Los Angeles. "I had a cake in the form of a corpse - says Perry, who arrived dressed as frontman« Queen »Freddie Mercury. - And I came to the party in a hearse! "
Roberto Cavalli misled many guests coming to the party in 2007 in the guise of a rival designer Karl Lagerfelda. And while singer Eve was more modest, it definitely became a way of devils, when her turn came to go on stage.
Milo Langdon strained all his "spider" muscles in search of candy with her parents - dad and mom Royston Langton Liv Tyler.
Scarlett Johansson is not looking for standard ways: the actress came up with the original make-up - a bullet in the forehead.
In 2006, fans of Halloween Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman her husband came to the party in the form of dark bride and groom.
At the annual Halloween party in 2008, Heidi Klum surprised everyone with his Indian goddess costume, while her husband played its sinister forces partner.
On the streets of New York in 2006, Gwyneth Paltrow could probably merge with the crowd, if not a recognizable face of her daughter Apple, who decided to be for Halloween Alice in Wonderland.
Anne Hathaway was born to play the queen (the Nile). Glamorous actress decided to resort to this classic costume for Halloween 2004 party in New York, which arranged Heidi Klum.

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