Who's Overpaid? Who's Underpaid? The Tennessee Titans running back was embroiled in a holdout this offseason that kept him out of the preseason. Johnson agreed to terms with the Titans in time to return for the first week of the season, but in the eyes of many fans Johnson's play has yet to back up the mega-contract. Chris Johnson tennessee titans + $53.5 million contract,
Pierre Garcon has been a very good year for Garcon to this point. The Colts wide receiver has hauled in 30 receptions for 503 yards for an average of 16.8 per grab. Despite those stats, the Colts reportedly will pay Garcon a bargain-basement salary this season. Pierre Garcon salary + $600,000 2011,
This defensive lineman is a "franchise player." At least that's what the Dolphins thought when they signed him to a contract that will pay him a huge salary for the year. Soliai has eight tackles and no sacks this season. Paul Soliai signs $12.5 million,
Arian Foster had a monster season in 2010, leading the NFL in rushing yards with 1,616. In 2011, Foster has racked up 305 yards in 77 rushes with the Texans. Nothing to scoff at yet Foster's salary pales in comparison to other less stellar performers. arian foster salary + $525,000,
Don't call it a comeback. Carson Palmer's been around a while. Palmer successfully forced a trade from Cincinnati to Oakland, and the Raiders promptly rewarded him with a generous prorated salary for the remaining nine games. Overpaid? For someone who is coming off an extended layoff with no knowledge of the offense, the answer is yes. carson palmer + oakland raiders + $7.4 million salary this season,
This New England Patriots receiver is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Chad Ochocinco. Welker is not only the most productive receiver in New England, he's the most productive receiver in the entire NFL. Thus far Welker leads the league in with 51 receptions and is second with 785 yards. Wes Welker + patriots + $1.5 million salary in 2011,
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is scheduled to make a boatload of money for a QB who has thrown for 1,106 yards and seven interceptions while tossing eight touchdowns. matt cassel $12.6 million salary in 2011,
Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is averaging 5.4 yards per rush this season. He has been one of the consistent bright spots for an Eagles offense that has been unbalanced at best this season. It seems that McCoy's salary is a bit unbalanced as well. LeSean McCoy + $480,000 salary in 2011,
Albert Haynesworth took a paycut when he joined the New England Patriots before the 2011 season. Even at his reduced price, Haynesworth is arguably overpaid after registering only two tackles and no sacks thus far in 2011. Albert Haynesworth + $1.5 million in 2011,
To be quite fair, with the new rookie wage scale, the Panthers' hands are tied when it comes to Cam Newton's salary. Newton is outperforming expectations in his first season and has thrown for over 1,800 yards, with a quarterback rating of 78.3. His base salary and signing bonus are a nice chunk of change but seem paltry when compared to the $78 million contract Sam Bradford signed as a rookie the year before. +cam newton $375,000 salary in 2011,
After being traded to the Patriots from the Bengals before the 2011 season, many expected Ochocinco to benefit from having Tom Brady as a quarterback and Bill Belichick as a coach. So far, Ocho hasn't lived up to the expectations that came along with his contract. This season Ochocinco has nine receptions for 136 yards. chad ochocinco $1 million base salary,
Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte has been a beast for a few years now. This season he is far outplaying his backup, Marion Barber, even though Barber receives much more compensation. matt forte 2011 salary $550,000,
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE is pulling down a hefty salary this year. So far in 2011 Winslow has 31 receptions for 282 yards. kellen winslow+ $8.6 million salary in 2011,
Brian Cushing has consistently produced at the linebacker position for the Houston Texans, but his pay hasn't really backed that up. brian cushing $774,00 base salary in 2011,
This Dallas Cowboys star's contract does more talking than his play does ... as of late. So far this year the cornerback has had one interception and 11 tackles. Terence Newman + $8 million in 2011,
Brandon Lloyd was traded from the Broncos to the Rams after Week 6. Chances are even that trade won't stop his productivity. In 2010, Lloyd led the NFL in yards and he continues to be a dependable go-to receiver. For his bargain-base salary, Lloyd performs extremely well. Brandon Lloyd + 2011 salary of $795,000,
It seemed as though Donovan McNabb's year in Washington would turn out to be a fluke. Maybe it was problems with his head coach that caused McNabb's numbers to nosedive last season. After seven weeks with the Vikings, McNabb has proven that his Washington year was no fluke. McNabb's been replaced by a rookie (who?). Meanwhile, McNabb is collecting a hefty salary this year. Donovan Mcnabb + $7.25 million salary 2011,
Ray Rice has been responsible for the lion's share of the Ravens' offense for the past few seasons. He has taken a ton of pressure off quarterback Joe Flacco by providing a solid, dependable option for Flacco to turn to consistently. His salary hasn't reflected his importance to the offense. Ray Rice + 2011 Ravens salary + $555,000,
Mark Sanchez quarterbacks one of the most high-profile NFL teams (the Jets) in one of the most high-profile cities (New York). Sanchez has had real success in the NFL — the Jets have made the postseason in both years with Sanchez at the helm. However, they haven't won any hardware. Some think that makes Sanchez overpaid. Mark Sanchez 2011 base salary $3,817,500,
The Philadelphia Eagles receiver is coming off a 2010 season in which he averaged 22.4 yards per reception. Jackson has started off his 2011 season in similar fashion — his statistics place place him among the top 10 receivers in the NFL. He is not among the top 10 in salary. DeSean Jackson + $500,000 salary,

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