In Jerusalem in those days a festival of ice flowing in the old train station. The festival, in my opinion is "a little differently," and probably more correct to call it an exhibition, but in any case, Israel is a hot new product and it should be said, is organized everything very well. Above the ice sculptures worked mainly masters from China, but the same, there are several Israeli papers.

Frozen sculptures exhibition is a large hall, divided into several sectors. The temperature there is about -10, so the organizers handed out warm jackets at the entrance. By the way, I advise you to take it seriously because there's really cold. About the exhibition there is a skating rink, but a separate entrance there. Hall, by the way, not as big as it seems)) For some reason I thought he was bigger. You can get around it all in 20 minutes.

In any case, to visit him, I think worth it. The atmosphere of "Christmas" from American movies :)) A nice quiet music, a general feeling, as if in a fairy tale ended. For children in the exhibition area built a few slides, but for adults Frozen bar with tables made ​​of ice.

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