In order to begin to lose weight, a diet is not necessary to torture and suffering in the gym. Enough to eliminate the most harmful products from your diet. At first it may seem hard, but then the body gets used and no longer require you to this shit. Over time, will form a psychological barrier that will not allow to use harmful products in the quantities in which it happened before. 1. Chips, potato is generally not the most useful food product, as if she was not prepared. Moreover, in the form of chips from it there is nothing left natural. This is a solid carcinogens, oil, flavorings and flavor enhancers. Such a set of impurity threatens to cancer, not to mention the problems with weight. The same can be attributed to the French fries, its manufacturing process is almost the same. Soda wait for it - it is water with bubbles and dyes. Fast food is so obviously a product that he was even ashamed to include in the list. In the fast-food is not at all any advantages other than speed and cheapness. Mayonnaise This is just about the store, because a rare use of home mayonnaise slightly hurts the figure and health.

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