Writes protchenkov: "In Samarkand, there are two very interesting production - a small workshop for making silk paper and a carpet factory."

Tissue paper used to open more than a cheap paper from wood pulp. Its construction - still a manual process, so it is more expensive and used mainly for decorative purposes.

Rugs are made entirely by hand. Prices for these start at several thousand dollars.
So, I'll start with the paper. First, from the branches of the mulberry tree (the one eats the leaves of which silkworms, and then scat silk thread), remove the crust and remove the upper darker layer.

Then the bark is boiled in vats for a long time, so that it becomes soft.
Softened by boiling the bark pounded in a mortar to a state of porridge.
The mechanism is driven by a large shaft under the action of the flow of water in the creek. See the wheel at the far end? It is half submerged in water. Also thought the lubrication system with water. This is a long thin beam to the main shaft - trough for water. It lubricates the friction of wood.
Porridge from the bark is dissolved in a large tub with water, and water and then sieved through a sieve.
Porridge from the bark is dissolved in a large tub with water, and water and then sieved through a sieve.
More Wet nedolist nedobumagi just to shake off screen.
These are pieces of smooth and put under pressure for several days.
Paper comes from a press that's that. Now it is very rough. Therefore, it is polished.

The volume of production is small. Doing all sorts of paper crafts and books printed on it. They say that it lasts longer than ordinary paper - about 200 years old.

The left bowl cocoons of silkworms. Cocoons - of woolen yarn, which wrapped itself when the silkworms pupate. But to turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly they are not allowed. These cocoons are boiled for several hours, from which the caterpillar dies, and the cocoon becomes easier to unravel. Such is life. In the other bowls - then using what then stained silk. All natural dyes - some roots and leaves.
That itself is a caterpillar. When unravel the cocoon of a single thin thread turns up hundreds of meters. From this thread is very strong weave silk rope.

Carpet of the more valuable the more he has the density of nodes, and of the more complex pattern. For example, here in this blue 110 knots per square centimeter. It costs $ 7,000! Yes, yes, seven thousand dollars.

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