White Tiger - is a recessive mutant of the Bengal tiger, which sometimes occurs in nature in Assam, Bengal, Bihar and, especially, in the former state of Rewa. Compared with conventional color tigers without the white gene, white tigers are usually more common, as at birth and in adulthood.In the Bengal tiger subspecies also met individuals with black stripes. The same phenomenon can be found among individuals of the Amur tiger, and the stories have been cases where such individuals have appeared in other species is now around the world in zoos, there are several hundred white tigers, about a hundred of them - in India.

Population consists of white tigers a pure and hybrid Bengal Bengali-Amur, but it is unclear whether the recessive white came only from the gene of Bengal tigers, or this was attended by the ancestors of Amur tigers is estimated that in nature every 15 000th Bengal tiger born white existence of white Amur Tigers are not scientifically documented, despite periodic anecdotal evidence that they were seen in regions where Siberian tigers live. Perhaps a white mutation does not exist in nature populations of tigers: in captivity was not born yet or a white Siberian tiger, despite the fact that these subspecies are actively used for breeding.

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