Nail biting habit has brought the British student Kaylee O'Connor (Kayleigh O'Connor) to nail art.

Edward Scissorhands

"In 17 years I have been so terribly biting her nails, that they looked like stumps of horror films. Then the man I had the idea to stick artificial nails, thereby to cure himself of the habit. Later, I began to paint and decorate them so they do not look so boring. And then did start to think the original and crazy nail design.

Today I have been nail-art for their own pleasure, changing the nails several times a week. Friends advised me to photograph their works and share them with other fans of nail design blog. Also, my nails are often broken or lost, and photographs remain. "

Breaking Bad
Snow White
Freddie Mercury
fruit salad
The Little Mermaid
Indiana Jones
Pencils / Happy New Year!
The game of thrones - House Starks

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